LabWindows™/CVI™ 2015 SP1 Bug Fixes


The following items are changes in LabWindows/CVI 2015 SP1. If you have a Bug ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.


IDFixed Issue
522395Copying and pasting text from a text box results in text containing line breaks.
527251When a non-existent header is included in the Interactive Execution window there is a no compilation error.
527255#including a binary file causes a A custom control callback raised an exception popup during compilation.
532612Data tooltips do not display pointer values.
533493The build system does not handle function panel (FP) auto-load list dependencies when building projects that are not the active project.
533502LabWindows/CVI compiles code which passes an undeclared identifier to a function call after declaring a zero length array.
533661LabWindows/CVI asserts when closing an RT project that has an execution target.
534492Changing the opacity of a bitmap plot without associating a bitmap with it can cause unexpected execution behavior, including crashes.
538771Browse information generation hangs when a global variable is initialized using function call.
539474LabWindows/CVI is unable to compile code with binary constants (0b prefixed numbers).
540675Some extensions that caused compiler warnings in previous versions now cause compiler errors.
541058The compiler returns an error when compiling code that uses the C99 _Complex data type.
541061Dollar signs in variable names are not fully supported.
541867While debugging, you cannot change the value of a _Bool variable in the data tooltip or the Watch or Variables and Call Stack windows.
543006LabWindows/CVI emits warnings for the OpenMP headers when the Warning level is set to Extended or All.
543059The compiler does not correctly handle #pragma message and #pragma warning.
543277The ADE hangs when trying to generate browse information for a local function call, if the function call result is cast using a function pointer cast.
544425The LabWindows/CVI Windows SDK is limited to Windows XP and earlier functions.
546492The debugger hangs on continue (when GO is clicked) in certain debugging scenarios.
548267Run-time checking causes the compiler to crash when compiling a function that declares an array variable after a return statement.
549881sscanf returns -1 (EOF) if there is a matching failure when using a format specifier directive with characters preceding, such as 0x%x.
550277Detaching the source from an instrument without a source causes LabWindows/CVI to crash.
553183Building a GNU89 project containing a flexible array member inside otherwise empty struct does not result in a build error.
553427Building a project with a union containing a flexible array member results in incorrect error messages or a successful build, depending on the build configuration, but flexible array members in unions should not be allowed.
554836LabWindows/CVI emits a warning '_OPENMP' macro redefined when OpenMP support is enabled and the warning level is set to All.
555525The Array View shows characters above 127 in octal.
555527The LocalizeNumberString and DelocalizeNumberString functions cause general protection fault crashes.
555740Loading an ASCII array display file corrupts user protection data.
560864Browsing for included headers of a source file that #includes a non-existing header causes a A custom control callback raised an exception error message.
561521Compiling toolbox.c causes warnings to be emitted when the Warning Level is set to Common.
562450The debugger shows rounded rather than actual values in data tooltips, watch expressions, variables view, etc.
566304The debugger crashes when debugging a program containing a variable with the attribute mode(TI).
574441When a long path exists in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TypedPaths, opening a file selection dialog via the ADE causes the ADE to crash.
576868LabWindows/CVI crashes with an internal error when building a distribution for a project which has not yet been built and for which a post-action build step has been specified.
579408LabWindows/CVI cannot locate include files in network directories.
580819When closing the Open dialog brought up from the Change Source button in the Driver & Components tab of the Edit Installer dialog, a Internal API function call order violation message is displayed.
584659LabWindows/CVI crashes if you add several annotations to a graph control, change the default charset of one of the annotations, and then delete one of the annotations.
584682An unresolved symbol: __chkstk error occurs when executing interactively in 64-bit mode, even when ntstc_msvcrt.lib is part of project.
585648Windows Event Viewer shows Error Assertion after switching from one project to another.
585735A fatal run-time error is generated when dereferencing the non-zeroth element of a globally defined wchar_t array declared as a pointer to a wide character array literal.
585758On Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 computers, LabWindows/CVI does not display correct stack frame info for selected threads when debugging in a 64-bit build configuration.
587033Signed and unsigned char variables with a value corresponding to an ANSI code greater than 127 are not displayed correctly in the Watch window.
589456The Toolbox function MsgHandlerWndProc crashes if the callback handler for the passed hwnd is not found.
589991If you put a breakpoint inside a for loop, after a >#pragma omp for directive, the debugger stops when the loop finishes and the entire for loop is highlighted in the editor.


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