LabVIEW 2016 Bug Fixes


The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 2015 SP1 and LabVIEW 2016. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The following items are Bug Fixes in LabVIEW 2016 BFL.

IDLegacy IDFixed IssueIssue Details
Incorrect highlight execution order with LVOOP property nodeIn some cases, highlight execution and breakpoints will show the incorrect execution order when handling LVOOP property nodes.
Menu Item VIs can cause LabVIEW to crashDeleting certain grouped menu items using the Delete Menu Item primitive and then inserting menu items using the Insert Menu Item primitive can cause an access violation.
Edit Events menu for Event Structures can delete the new event you are trying to createIn cases where there are similarly-named controls on a front panel, attempting to make a new event by typing in the name of a control can sometimes overwrite the previously created event because the new event is believed to be a duplicate.
Leading zeros are not allowed in Numeric Case Selector valuesAdding leading zeroes to a numeric case selector will cause the selector to be interpreted as a string input, resulting in a broken VI.
Resizing the front panel in an EXE and running Quit causes an access violationN/A
Unconstrained Downhill Simplex ignores some stopping conditionsThe Downhill Simplex optimization method can ignore the maximum function calls parameter, and will not stop or throw an error when the function evaluations exceeds that parameter.
LabVIEW crash when closing subVI Icon Editor that was opened from VI Hierarchy.If the icon editor is opened from the VI Hierarchy window by right-clicking a subVI and choosing Edit Icon, closing the icon editor window can crash LabVIEW.
Spreadsheet String to Array VI crashes when an empty string is wired to delimeter inputN/A
Not a Refnum Primitive returns incorrect value when evaluating a specific type of "Invalid Refnum"Certain refnums that would be considered invalid when used by other functions would return "false" from the Not a Refnum primitive.
lvinput.dll crashes on Surface Pro 3On Surface Pro 3 tablets, it is possible for LabVIEW to crash when making calls to lvinput.dll. The crashes will follow certain types of hardware that are connected to the system, even if lvinput.dll is not attempting to use them.
Quit LabVIEW function closes VI if you choose cancelN/A
File Dialog Express VI alters error chainThe File Dialog Express VI can show the wrong call chain when reporting an error.
Front panel object updates pause when resizing front panel or block diagramDuring a resizing operation on the front panel or block diagram window of a running application, front panel controls and indicators will not update. This only occurs on Mac OS X in LabVIEW 64-bit.
1-D Array Probe Display Window has issues with high resolutionsN/A
Fatal Internal Error 0x89B93EF0: "drawmgr2.cpp" when running Mac application for extended timeIn rare cases, users may experience a crash while running a built application on Mac OS X for extended periods of time.
Scripting dynamic events on an event structure returns Error 1When trying to set the configured event for an Event Structure frame to be a dynamic event, the Set Handled Events (short name: SetHandledEvents) method of the EventStructure class returns error 1.
Delaunay Triangulation hangs on certain input dataWith certain input data, the Delaunay Traingulation function can hang an application's execution.
Error 1025 when creating Override VI for an already open parent classIf a parent class is locked against editing (read only on disk or loaded into multiple targets simultaneously) and you create an override of a parent VI in a child class, it removes the parent VI from the owning class but does not rename the VI. This can lead to Error 1025 and even corruption of the class hierarchy if the user then chooses to Save All.
Incorrect VI dataflow when using an Error Wire with a Parallelized For LoopIn some cases, parallelized for loops will execute before another loop finishes even when an error wire is used to enforce dataflow.
Running a VI using the 'DataSocket Select URL.VI', navigating to a remote machine on the network, and browsing to the DataSocket Server Item can cause LabVIEW to crash.N/A
DAbort 0x34E86741 ConvertNum called with non-numericIn rare cases, updating an IMAQ indicator and a second indicator at a high rate in two different, but visible, VIs can cause LabVIEW to crash. In some cases, this results in DAbort 0x34E86741.
Choose Implementation dialog box not sorted alphabeticallyWhen opening a dynamic dispatch member VI from the block diagram, a dialog will appear asking the user to choose which implementation of the VI to edit. This window does not sort VIs alphabetically.
In rare cases Waveform Charts can show different sets of data when pulling from the same source 
Using the 'Unflatten From String Function' to unflatten an "invalid" string within LabVIEW x64 can cause the computer to become unresponsive.This occurs due to LabVIEW allocating all of the systems RAM when when unflattening an "invalid" string.
Using "Fast File Format" to build an executable could result in error 2208 in some cases.In some cases, including private-scoped class member VIs in an executable that has "Fast File Format" enabled in the Build Specifications can throw error 2208.
Using the Tree Control 'Drag Starting? Event' allows you to Delete the reference to the item you are dragging and can result in a LabVIEW crash.N/A
In specific cases, building a LabVIEW executable with shared variables causes Error 1003 during the build.The user will get an error saying, "VI containing Shared Variable node needs to be loaded in a project" on the Build Errors Dialog.
Sometimes if RFmx continuously modifies the loading state of the UI thread, a race condition can occur and potentially cause a crash.N/A
Special characters in Control names can cause Unit Tests to not recognize cluster elements in some cases.A control with a special character (/) in its label can cause an lvtest does not to show the controls in a cluster.
LabVIEW crashes when getting the properties of a class containing a member VI with certain connector pane configurations.N/A
HTTP calls can throw Assertion Errors on Mac OS X when LabVIEW is not installed.When running an HTTP application on a Mac OS X system with only the LabVIEW runtime engine installed, it is possible for Assertion Errors to appear due to missing dependencies.
In cases of extreme load on a TCP server, LabVIEW can miss new connection notifications, causing a timeout.N/A
Rare persistent Error 56 at TCP ReadIn rare cases, LabVIEW TCP Listeners can get into a bad state and be unable to recover. During this bad state, no new connections can be accepted.
Bluetooth Read, Write, and Close primitives have TCP iconN/A
In certain cases, dynamically calling a VI containing a SubVI can cause a memory leak. The size of the memory leak scales with the size of the SubVI and its dependencies.N/A
Showing Visible Items on Waveform Chart probe does not resize chart in the probe windowFor a Waveform Chart shown in a probe window, it is possible to show additional tools that will appear outside of the probe window. The probe window size could not be changed to access those tools.
Scripting a Value Change event for an IVI Logical Name control crashes LabVIEWWhen using VI Scripting to set a Value Change event within an event structure which is tied to an IVI Logical Name control, LabVIEW can crash.
Closing a project library containing a class with unsaved changes does not prompt for saveWhen editing a class library from outside the context of a project, it is possible to add a method to a class and save the method but not save the class. This causes the method to be broken upon closing and reopening LabVIEW.
The German, Chinese, and Japanese LabVIEW registry files have the incorrect LabVIEW version.N/A
If applications called from crash, it can affect LabVIEW TCP communicationWhen "Wait Until Completion" is set to TRUE on the it will allow child processes to inherit LabVIEW handles, including those used for TCP communication. If the child process then crashes it can prevent LabVIEW TCP sockets from closing until the OS returns the handles to the parent process.
In some cases, DNS name resolution in LabVIEW can block other TCP calls.When DNS name resolution operations take an unusually long amount of time to complete from a LabVIEW application, it can affect the timing of TCP calls made from the same application instance.
Error 8 when trying to create an actor under an unsaved libraryN/A
Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) prevents Source Control in LabVIEW from finding PerforceMac OS X El Capitan no longer allows third party applications to be installed in /usr/sbin or /usr/bin. This is the default directory where many third-party applications have been stored in the past including Perforce. OS X El Capitan actually strips out any files from this directory that were user installed. Therefore, if you have Peforce installed in /usr/sbin, are running OS X 10.10, and upgrade to OS X 10.11, it strips out the Perforce files.
Error 1019 when creating a message for an actor if that actor has an unsaved methodIf an actor contains a method VI that has never been saved, the Actor Framework Project Provider throws an Error 1019 whenever you create a message class for that actor. The message is created as expected.
LabVIEW 64-bit Development Environment has the potential to crash while running certain RFmx examples.This issue occurs on 64-bit operating systems with Top-Down Memory Allocation enabled.
Remote debugging sessions that involve packed project libraries can stop unexpectedlyIn rare cases when remotely debugging a complex executable that utilizes debuggable packed project libraries it is possible for the connection to close unexpectedly.
Remote debugging VIs that were built without front panels can close the session unexpectedlyWhen attempting to connect to a remote debugging session with an executable containing VIs that do not have front panels (such as VIs built into a non-debuggable packed project library), the session can close unexpectedly without a verbose error.
Unflatten From String throws error 74, does not update indicatorsIn rare cases, branching wires before the inputs to the Unflatten From String function will cause the function to throw error 74 at runtime and to not update indicators wired to its outputs.
LabVIEW packed project library can cause calling executable to break when rebuiltIn rare cases, a packed project library containing user-defined classes can break an executable that calls it after the packed project library is rebuilt. The executable will not be able to run until it is rebuilt.

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