Validate Designs across Load, Pressure, and Torque Profiles

Validation engineers use load cells, pressure sensors, and strain gages to test product quality and safety under various mechanical loads. Large test fixtures with long setup times, the criticality of running some tests to failure, and the need to correlate data across multiple sensors challenge on-time test report delivery. For validation teams to get in and out of the mechanical lab during their allotted time, they need to:


  • ​Physically connect a variety of sensors, including load cells, strain gages, and voltage sensors, to the device under test (DUT)
  • Configure the sensors, including Wheatstone bridge-based sensors, in a data acquisition system
  • Control the actuation of the mechanical test fixture
  • Share test results with design engineers

Expandable Load, Pressure, Force, and Strain Data Acquisition System

  • FlexLogger™ application software for data logging manages sensor configuration, real-time data visualization, export to .csv files, and channel alarms, all without programming.
  • cDAQ-9174 chassis holds up to four C Series modules and connects to a PC or laptop over USB. (Ethernet chassis with one-cable synchronization are available)
  • NI-9237 4-channel, 50 kS/s/channel strain/bridge input module connects to quarter-, half-, and full-bridge sensors, load cells, and pressure sensors with built-in excitation.
  • The system has two open slots for different measurement modules or to expand to higher-channel-count test systems.
  • See the NI-9235 and NI-9236 strain/bridge input modules for higher channel-count, cost-optimized quarter-bridge measurements.

Solution Advantages

See a Demonstration of the Load and Strain Data Acquisition System

High-Speed Synchronized Data

High-speed sample rates, quick-connect options for modules, and built-in synchronization are just a few features that make CompactDAQ great for mechanical validation test. See how to quickly connect, configure, and acquire data from a load cell.


NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

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See System Components and Pricing in the Product Advisor

Use the CompactDAQ advisor to modify the load and strain data acquisition system. Add more bridge measurement channels, voltage and current measurements, digital I/O lines, or other sensors for a customized measurement system.