How Do I Use FlexLogger™ to Troubleshoot Physical Systems?

FlexLogger helps you set up and view measurements faster with intuitive sensor-specific configurations, customizable screens, and interactive data review.

See What You Can Do With FlexLogger

FlexLogger shortens test setup time with configurable settings that match your physical measurement and sensor type. You can quickly visualize data during your test using drag-and-drop engineering indicators. You can also use the integrated data viewer to interactively review your logged data and export to common file formats to share with others. By default, FlexLogger documents important details about your test setup, so you can always trace your results back to a previous test configuration.


Quickly Configure Measurements

With FlexLogger, you can automatically detect CompactDAQ hardware and quickly configure mixed measurements. This means less time setting up software and more time viewing data for key insights.  

Run Your Test With Confidence

While testing, you can create screens with indicators and alarms in FlexLogger to let you know the test is running correctly. Include hardware settings, sensor serial numbers, and more in your log file as metadata so that everyone using the data can have confidence in how it was acquired.

Get Insight From Your Test With the Integrated Data Viewer

With the data viewer, you can view data from multiple channels and sources including CAN, easily synchronize and display all data for playback, and export your data to multiple file formats.

Analyze and Communicate Your Test Results With DIAdem

NI recommends using DIAdem with FlexLogger to quickly locate, inspect, and analyze data using included analysis libraries or custom formulas. Ensure consistent and well-documented reports by creating standardized templates that automatically populate with new data sources.