Satellite Test and Integration

Design and Test Your Satellite Efficiently

Whether your team is testing satellite datalinks and telemetry, integrating power systems, or performing link emulation, NI can help your team achieve satellite entry to service on an accelerated schedule. We offer software and hardware solutions that connect engineering efforts throughout the vehicle design, validation, integration, and launch phases—mitigating risks and accelerating your product integration.

Satellite Test and Integration Solutions

Space satellite over the planet Earth

Explore our comprehensive suite of hardware and software products that seamlessly connect engineering endeavors through the entire vehicle lifecycle. NI’s innovative solutions can help your team achieve accelerated mission timelines for satellite design, test, and integration.

Related Products and Solutions             

Satellite Bus Testing and AI&T

The satellite assembly, integration, and test (AI&T) process involves assembling different components of a satellite, such as solar panels, power electronics, and communication systems into a fully functional satellite.

Electronics Manufacturing Test


Test electronics components with specialty equipment that scales to support evolving technology requirements for LRUs, electronic boards, and power electronics for satellites. 


Avionics Interfaces Test


Provides comprehensive coverage of PXI-based digital avionics protocol interfaces for launch vehicles, and satellite buses. Includes the flexibility to deploy custom protocols and choose only the pieces required for your application. 


Control Systems and HIL Test


Validates satellite control system software, empowering teams to create agile test systems that can be scaled and leveraged across the product lifecycle.


Satellite Avionics Test


Integrates and tests satellite avionics systems quickly and efficiently leveraging NI PXI and application software to build automated test solutions.


Satellite Electrical Power Systems Test


Integrates power subsystems of satellites quickly and efficiently to minimize the risk of failure while meeting accelerated market windows.


Operational Intelligence and Product Analytics


Unlocks the power of data across the product lifecycle to deliver products faster to maintain a competitive advantage and helps resolve the challenges of new technologies that take longer to design, test, and manufacture.


Satellite Payload Testing

Manufacturing engineer in a blue suit testing datalink fidelity

When building satellite communication systems, hardware engineers need to emulate, design, and test real-life and challenging conditions prior to the launch while also testing datalinks and validating telemetry to evaluate system performance.

Satellite Communications Datalink and Telemetry Validation


Enables design, test, and operation of deployed datalink and telemetry systems on-vehicle and on the ground with a range of RF communications platforms.


Satellite Link Emulation


Enables next-generation satellite link testing by connecting simulation software with real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test.


Electronically Scanned Array Characterization Reference Architecture


Characterizes Electronically Scanned Arrays (ESAs) to harness and defend the electromagnetic spectrum in modern SATCOM applications.


EO/IR Imaging Detector Systems


Implements Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) for space applications to perform a variety of functions, including earth observation, remote sensing, and surveillance. EO/IR systems use sensors and cameras to capture images and data.


Radar Target Generation Software


Enables testing of simulated radar targets which are used to calibrate the radar system on board the satellite.


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