Launch Vehicle Test and Operations

NI Provides Solutions from Design to Launch

Whether your team is getting started designing the test stand for your rocket engine, planning launchpad infrastructure with cryogenic fluid management, or testing vehicle components and integration upgrades, NI can help your team achieve launch on an accelerated schedule. We offer software and hardware solutions that connect engineering efforts throughout the vehicle design, validation, integration, and launch phases—saving hundreds of hours and keeping you ahead of the competition.

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Integration and Manufacturing

A launch vehicle is a complex system of many electromechanical components that must be tested from initial design to final checkout. Perform validation, hardware-in-the-loop, and functional test across the lifecycle or multiple programs.

Electronics Test


Test electronics components with specialty test equipment that scales to support evolving technology requirements with comprehensive hardware and software solutions for hardware abstraction, test code development, and automation.


Avionics Communication Test


Provides comprehensive coverage of PXI-based digital avionics protocol interfaces for launchpads, launch vehicles, and satellite buses. Includes the flexibility to deploy custom protocols and choose only the pieces required for your application.


Control Systems and HIL Test


Validates launch vehicle control system software, empowering teams to create agile test systems that can be scaled and leveraged across the product lifecycle.


Static and Structural Test


Provides a reference architecture to streamline the design and deployment of large-channel-count test systems with static measurements from structural to environmental test and more. With FlexLogger, CompactDAQ, and TSN, you can shorten the design cycle from months to days.


Telemetry and Control


Enables design, test, and operation of deployed telemetry and control systems on-vehicle and on the ground with a range of RF communications platforms. Choose from software-defined radios ideal for prototyping to calibrated instruments for test.


Rocket Test and Operations

A new launch vehicle platform often starts at the engine and the launch control systems used to operate the engine in both the test stand and at the launchpad.

Rocket Engine Test


Provides a modular, reliable, high-performance solution to the challenges presented by a distributed control system. Uses LabVIEW, PXI, CompactRIO, CompactDAQ, and SystemLink™ software to improve the way control systems coordinate across a complex operation like a rocket facility.


Launch Site Operations and Monitoring


Provides high-reliability and real-time control and monitoring capabilities through ruggedized form factors suitable for extreme launch operation conditions.


Operations Insights

Aerospace and defense organizations must maintain their competitive advantage. They can improve their processes by time to market, operational efficiency, first pass yield, and overall manufacturing quality.

Operational Intelligence and Product Analytics


Combines product performance insights from test operations data with machine and process data to drive product-intelligent actions in real time.


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