Electronic Warfare System Deployment

Increase the Pace of Deploying EW Systems

An operator points at captured signals on a signals intelligence user interface.

Designing and deploying electronic warfare (EW) systems with COTS RF hardware allows system designers to transition new capabilities quickly from the lab to fielded systems. Building signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems with a reconfigurable, software-connected platform allows the flexibility to quickly adapt to emerging threats with minimal hardware changes. Scalable hardware architectures allow receivers to be extended from a single channel to a multichannel, phase-coherent system that can replace hundreds of deployed radios.

A commercial drone flies over a city.


Designing and Deploying Counter-Unmanned Air Systems

With commercial drone usage on the rise around the world, taking measures to protect against unmanned air systems (UAS) is critical. Whether for preventing reckless drone usage from harming the public at airports and crowded events or defending against intentional damage of civilian or military assets, systems must be put in place to detect and disable threats.

The use of multiple new generation NI FlexRIO modules in combination with NI broadband high-performance digitizers and LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA as the programming tools was an excellent choice for the efficient development of our product.

Jens Keute

Elettronica GmbH

Novator Solutions

Novator Solutions is an NI System Integrator and Application Solution Partner, providing cutting-edge products and innovative turnkey solutions. They provide wideband RF/IF recorders and multichannel receivers for deployed signals intelligence.

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Avdor-Helet provides full OEM customization services, delivering products that are proven on land, at sea, and in the air. Their systems are deployed in extremely demanding conditions for tactical operation success around the world.

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Four radio telescopes point upwards towards a starry sky.

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A man works in front of two computer screens.

Artificial Intelligence in Software-Defined SIGINT Systems

Learn how artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques can be applied to signal analysis with software defined radios and heterogeneous computing architectures.