Microelectronics Functional and Parametric Test

Reduce Risk and Accelerate Program Deliverables

To overcome the challenges these new, complex DUTs introduce, NI offers several hardware and software tools that enable test engineers to develop test systems that cater to high-mix, low-volume needs and provide more scalability for future applications. Our novel approach substantially reduces capital costs using high-performance test equipment combined with key measurement IP, allowing you to capture better data faster and run multiple test cases simultaneously with industry-leading measurement speed and quality.


Validate Electronically Scanned Array Components and Modules

The Electronically Scanned Array (ESA) Characterization Reference Architecture was designed to simplify the validation of microelectronic components and modules used in next-generation electromagnetic systems such as AESA radars. The reference architecture can help drive test development efficiency, increase test coverage, and reduce overall cost of test.

ESA Reference Architecture

DC to RF

NI’s measurement coverage ranges from DC to mmWave, covering L through Ka bands — ensuring the right measurement coverage for your entire test plan.

Sub-Nanosecond Synchronization

Tightly synchronize baseband and RF instruments to sub-nanosecond accuracy to offer a complete solution for RF and baseband I/Q test.

Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

With up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth available, NI RF instrumentation is well suited for testing key system components and modules for radar, electronic warfare, and satellite communications.

Unified Software Experience

With easy-to-use, interactive interface panels for developing and debugging systems, and automatable APIs for deploying both characterization as well as production test systems, NI’s solution provides a complete, unified software experience across the design cycle.

Work with an NI Partner

The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and test experts working with NI to meet your needs. NI Partners are trusted solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, product developers, and services- and sales-channel experts skilled in a range of industry and application areas.

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