Reduce Time to Market and Cost per Program

Test engineering and program leaders must manage cost and risk when building test capability and managing legacy programs. Aerospace and defense organizations across the world are being asked to learn and integrate new technologies, manage new and often unbudgeted corporate or government mandates, significantly reduce program schedules, and maintain legacy test equipment for years longer than originally planned.  


Key challenges include:


  • Changing market conditions such as increased technical difficulty, fewer engineering resources, and shorter development schedules are exposing inefficiencies in current development processes
  • Business impact of making large-scale change is poorly understood and therefore difficult to justify the expense
  • Large-scale efforts can be overwhelming to decompose and put into place, and subsequently measure success
  • There is a lack of capacity or specialty knowledge required to deliver technical solutions

Process and Technology Standardization Services

  • Review overall test strategy, including organizational structure and tools.
  • Evaluate current state and compare to best-in-class alternatives, identifying highest ROI areas.
  • Create a detailed work breakdown structure that captures all deliverables, resources, and timelines.
  • Leverage NI and its expert test-professional network to supplement development capacity.

Solution Advantages

“We’re happy to report that, from the beginning of the project [to create a standard manufacturing test solution that supports hundreds of products across dozens of divisions] to today, new test solutions that are compliant to the standards can be delivered 40 percent cheaper than when we started the effort.”

–Mark Keith, Chief Engineer, Honeywell Aerospace

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