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Ultiboard Basics Course Overview

The Ultiboard Basics Course introduces you to the Ultiboard environment. This course prepares you to transfer Multisim schematic netlists to Ultiboard and design a printed circuit board for export to production. Topics include design setup, precise part and trace placement, trace routing and the optimization and use of autoplacement and autorouting. You will learn how to prepare final designs for manufacturing and export to industry-standard file formats. The hands-on approach of the Ultiboard Basics course steps you through PCB creation, from Multisim netlists to Gerber files, teaching the application of necessary skills to quickly become productive with Ultiboard.

Course Details:

Ultiboard Basics Course Outline

IntroductionThis lesson introduces the Ultiboard graphical user interface (GUI) and configuration options.
  • What is Ultiboard?

  • The design process

  • The Ultiboard GUI

  • Setting environment preferences

  • Spreadsheet view

  • Selection filter

  • Workspace area

Transfer and Board Design SetupThis lesson explains how to transfer designs from Multisim to Ultiboard and ways of creating or placing a board outline for your PCB.
  • Transfer from Multisim

  • Check for virtual components

  • Board layer technology

  • Via support

  • Creating a board outline

  • Import a board outline from DXF

  • Board wizard

Parts and PlacementThis lesson explains how to place parts inside the board outline and how to create, edit and manage footprints using the database.
  • Manual part placement

  • Using the Part Sequencer

  • Using the Autoplacer

  • Placement tools

  • Keep-in/keep-out areas

  • Footprints

  • Footprint properties

  • In-place part edit

  • Database Manager

  • Footprint creation

  • Component Wizard

Design Setup before RoutingThis lesson covers working with and changing the netlist; you also learn how to propagate changes to Multisim and set up design constraints.
  • Netlist Editor

  • Forward and back annotation

  • Pin and gate swap

  • Trace settings and clearance setup

  • Renumber refdes

Traces and Copper AreasThis lesson introduces all the trace-routing methods and guidelines for working with copper.
  • The connection machine

  • Follow-me router

  • Manual routing

  • Autorouter

  • Placing VIAs

  • Working with traces

  • Powerplanes and copper areas

  • Thermal relief

  • Polygon Splitter

  • Net bridges

Preparing for ManufactureThis lesson explains final steps you can take to better prepare your design for manufacturing and how to export your design to Gerber format.
  • Corner mitering and tear dropping

  • Connectivity and design rules check (DRC) 

  • Text and DXF import

  • Mounting holes and dimension lines 

  • Gerber and NC drill

  • Parts centroid and bill of materials 

  • Gerber Viewer

  • 3D view 

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