LabWindows/CVI Core 1 Course Overview

The LabWindows™/CVI Core 1 Course prepares you to create applications using LabWindows/CVI. After completing this course, you will be able to create basic solutions using many of the built-in features of LabWindows/CVI. The hands-on format of the course helps you apply skills learned in the course to your applications.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 2020

Course Details:

*Optional. Course may be completed with simulated HW.

LabWindows/CVI Core 1 Course Outline


Introduction to LabWindows/CVI​

Explore the LabWindows/CVI environment and the tools LabWindows/CVI provides for application development.​

  • LabWindows/CVI Environment​
  • Source Editor​
  • Exploring Function Panels​
  • Data Types and Scope of Variables
  • Debugging​ ​


Graphical User Interface (GUI)​

Explore how to create GUIs in the User Interface Editor and     event-driven programs using CodeBuilder.​

  • Introduction to Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)​
  • Creating a Panel​
  • Creating Controls​
  • GUI Controls​
  • User Interface Library​
  • Controlling a GUI​
  • Event-Driven Programming​
  • CodeBuilder​
  • Pop-Up Panels​
  • Timer Controls​
  • Strip Charts​

Instrument Drivers​

Explore how to use and create instrument drivers in LabWindows/CVI.​

  • Exploring Instrument Drivers​
  • Creating an Instrument Driver​

Distributing LabWindows/CVI Applications​

Create and distribute a release executable and distribution.​

  • Release Executables​
  • Creating Release Executables​
  • Distributing Executables​

Data Acquisition and Signal Generation​

Exploring Data Acquisition and Signal Generation.​

  • Tools for Data Acquisition and Signal Generation​
  • Acquiring Analog Data​
  • Generating Analog Data​
  • Digital Input and Output
  • DAQ Assistant​
  • Logging Data to TDMS Files​

Instrument Control​

Exploring GPIB and serial instrument control using LabWindows/CVI.​

  • Introduction to Instrument Control​
  • GPIB Communication​
  • Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA)​
  • Instrument Drivers​
  • Serial Communication​

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