Exploring Data Interactively Using DIAdem Course Overview

The Exploring Data Interactively Using DIAdem course teaches you how to use the most important analysis, reporting, and data management features of the DIAdem environment. At the end of this course, you will be comfortable importing data sets, analyzing them visually and computationally, and creating publisher-quality reports. You will also learn how to use DIAdem SCRIPT to automate each of these tasks.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 2021

Course Details:

Exploring Data Interactively Using DIAdem Course Outline


Introduction to DIAdem

Use DIAdem for creating automated reports.

  • Overview of DIAdem
  • Main Components of DIAdem

Managing Data

Learn how to use DIAdem NAVIGATOR to search and load data.

  • Exploring DIAdem NAVIGATOR
  • Finding External Data with DIAdem NAVIGATOR
  • Managing Internal Data in the Data Portal

Viewing Data

Learn how to use DIAdem VIEW to interactively inspect data.

  • Exploring DIAdem VIEW
  • Displaying Data in DIAdem VIEW
  • Display Types in DIAdem VIEW
  • Transferring Worksheets to DIAdem REPORT

Creating Reports

Learn how to create reports of your raw and analyzed data.

  • Introduction to DIAdem REPORT
  • Components of DIAdem REPORT
  • Creating a Report
  • Formats and Display Types

Analyzing Data

Learn how to use mathematical functions to extract additional information from your data.

  • Exploring DIAdem ANALYSIS
  • Calculations in DIAdem ANALYSIS

Calculator and Calculation Manager

Learn how to use the Calculator and the Calculation Manager to analyze data with your own formulas.

  • Working with the Calculator
  • Calculator Operands and Operations
  • Working with the Calculation Manager

Units in DIAdem

Learn how to execute calculations with units.

  • Exploring the Units Catalog
  • Defining Physical Quantities and Units
  • Editing the Units Catalog
  • Working with Units
  • Quantity-Based and Non-Quantity-Based Calculations in DIAdem

Automating DIAdem Workflows

Learn how to use DIAdem SCRIPT to automate workflows.

  • Exploring DIAdem SCRIPT
  • Automating DIAdem with the Recording Mode
  • Editing a Script
  • Evaluating a Series of Files

Solving Typical Tasks with DIAdem

Learn how to use DIAdem to manage your daily data tasks.

  • Importing External Data into DIAdem
  • Finding and Graphing Peaks
  • Specifying Frequency Contents
  • Curve Fitting
  • Working with 3D Data 

Measuring, Controlling, and Visualizing Data

Learn how to use the DAC and VISUAL panels to acquire and process data online.

  • DIAdem DAC and DIAdem VISUAL
  • Creating and Editing the Block Diagram
  • Simulating Processes and Scaling Signals
  • Visualizing Measured Values
  • Integrating Measurement Hardware
  • Working with Packet Processing

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