What Is an NI ELVIS Electronics Device?

The NI ELVIS Electronics Device extends the capabilities of the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation for teaching electronics topics in analog, digital, and power electronics.

Teach Power Electronics

The TI Power Electronics application Board for NI ELVIS III provides a hands-on platform for teaching power electronics and power management. Teaching resource topics include MOSFET switching, buck converters, error amplification, inverters, AC-DC converters, and transformers.

Teach Digital Electronics

The Digilent Digital Electronics Board for NI ELVIS III provides hands-on, interactive experiments in digital logic. Students can use Multisim and online teaching resources to program the FPGA graphically to learn the fundamentals of digital electronics.

Teach Energy Systems

The Quanser Energy Systems Board for NI ELVIS III provides experiments for system-level concepts of power electronics and energy conversion. Teaching resource topics include converting DC power from wind, solar, and hydroelectric plants into three-phase AC power.

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