How Do I Use LabWindows™/CVI™ to Develop Production Test Systems?

LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C development environment that you can use to get to your test faster. Easily connect to hardware, create custom UIs and incorporate TestStand, NI’s test management software, to fully automate your production test.

See What You Can Do With LabWindows/CVI

It's easy to quickly and securely create code for production test systems with LabWindows/CVI. By seamlessly integrating with many instruments and quickly designing project specific UIs, you gain the flexibility to create custom tests that meet your requirements. When your system is assembled, LabWindows/CVI can pair with TestStand, NI’s industry-leading test management software, to create easy to manage test sequences to minimize production development and deployment time.


Connect to Virtually Any Instrument to Reduce System Setup Time

LabWindows/CVI seamlessly integrates NI DAQ hardware and PXI modular instruments for data acquisition and control, featuring built-in libraries and measurement tools. It also simplifies third-party instrument connectivity with access to thousands of drivers including APIs, documentation, and examples.

Quickly Create Graphical User Interfaces to Visualize Test Outcomes

LabWindows/CVI provides you with the tools and components to create customizable user interfaces intended for automated test and automated measurement applications. With drag and drop features, you can easily customize the UI components in your project.

More Easily Distribute Your Application to the End User

LabWindows/CVI uses a distribution kit to easily build your application and all its dependencies into a package or installer that can be deployed on all test machines. In addition, you can remotely debug your deployed executables for more insights.

Shorten Test Sequence Development Using TestStand

LabWindows/CVI integrates fluently with TestStand’s module adapter to fully build, deploy and manage your automated test systems. This integrated environment allows for maximum code reusability to reduce development time.

Accelerate Your Development With Faster Learning

You can learn on your own or from a qualified instructor to increase your productivity. On-demand online training is included as part of our software services, or you can register for virtual courses or on-site classroom-style instruction.