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How Do I Use LabWindows™/CVI™ to Debug Tests for Characterizing Electronic Devices?

LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C development environment that helps you validate more electronic devices to meet schedule demands. With the built-in remote and in-line debugging tools, you can decrease downtime from broken test applications.

See What You Can Do With LabWindows/CVI

With LabWindows/CVI, you can reduce the time you spend debugging your test code by using its extensive toolset. Take advantage of various enhanced debugging capabilities for single and multithread applications as well as an improved window management experience for complex projects. LabWindows/CVI also uses the Technical Data Management Solution (TDMS) file format so you can more efficiently store and access your data for debugging.


Use Debugging Tools in an Intuitive Editor Environment

LabWindows/CVI provides you access to many time saving debugging tools and capabilities including enhanced syntax highlighting, UI event logger information, and enhanced window management features that help your applications reach optimal performance.

Execute Multicore Debugging for Code Performance Optimization

LabWindows/CVI contains new features such as thread-specific breakpoints and tracepoints to debug your multicore applications. You can use these features to gain insights on a per-thread basis and take full advantage of your processing power.

Store Data With the TDMS File Format to Maximize Data Insights

LabWindows/CVI can natively access the TDMS file format to store your measurement data and capture the proper test and data information. Organized data is easily accessible and search-ready when you need it.