How Do I Use InstrumentStudio™ to Interact With and Automate My Device Control?

Use the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On for InstrumentStudio software to integrate device register control alongside your instrumentation measurements in an interactive soft front panel and export your setup to simplify automated validation.

See What You Can Do with the Semiconductor Device Control Add-On

InstrumentStudio integrated soft front panels make it easy to interact with your semiconductor device control and instruments simultaneously. You can interactively read and write to your device registers alongside your instrumentation measurements. You can then transition to automated validation by exporting your setup to use in LabVIEW, Python, .NET, and TestStand programs. And then use InstrumentStudio to monitor and debug your code while it’s running.

WAYS THE Semiconductor Device Control Add-On for InstrumentStudio CAN HELP

Import Your Device Register Map

You can directly import your device register map organized by IP block, register group, and address. You also can directly map to device settings, bit fields, and additional register information.

Interactively Configure Your Device Control

In an interactive user interface, you can configure your NI pattern-based instrument or USB device control interface for register read and writes using I2C, SPI, or other digital protocols along with static digital I/O control.

Integrate Device Control alongside Instrumentation Measurements

Using InstrumentStudio, you can combine your device register control with instrumentation measurements in an integrated soft front panel, making it easy to interactively bring up and debug your DUT.

Export Device Control Setups for Automated Validation

With InstrumentStudio, you can export your device control setup to use with LabVIEW, Python, .NET, or TestStand to simplify your transition to automated validation.

Monitor and Debug Your Automated Validation Programs

While your automated validation program runs, you can use InstrumentStudio to simultaneously view or control your dynamically queried and updated device registers and instrumentation settings.