How Do I Gain Operational Process Insights with the SystemLink™ Test Module?

With the SystemLink Test Module, you can easily view operational results and drill down into product-specific data for valuable insights into your test operation.

Shows configuration to send test results from TestStand to SystemLink to be aggregated and reported

See What You Can Do with the SystemLink Test Module

The SystemLink Test Module utilizes a comprehensive workflow to collect test results into a single common structure—from ingestion to storing and managing data for real-time analysis. Once the data is sent to SystemLink software, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports automatically update as tests run. From high-level operational KPIs to pass/fail status at the sequence and step level, you can leverage data to ensure your test operation runs at peak performance.

HOW THE SystemLink Test Module CAN HELP

Collect Test Results in a Central Server

The SystemLink Test Module provides out-of-the-box support for TestStand and a robust API for other sequencers to serve up test results to a centralized server. Gain access to reporting and analysis features immediately.

Monitor Your Test Operation

In a centralized dashboard, you can track tests running on all of your distributed test systems in real time. Simplify the complex by customizing visualizations for key KPIs, like first pass yield, throughput, and failure rate.

Drill Down into Test Results

When an alert is triggered or a KPI indicates an issue, the SystemLink Test Module helps you drill down into the relevant test steps. You can view data trends for a specific step over multiple tests to facilitate root cause analysis.