Who's Next?



Jun Lu, Senior Semiconductor Systems Engineer, NI

The Next 100 is more than 100 stories about engineering and technology. The series celebrates success, failure, and most importantly, people. We began by exploring the “what” and the “why” that drives those engineering hope for a brighter future. In this chapter, we profile the people behind these efforts and highlight their journeys.

As we kick off this new era, know that we’re here for you, for each other, and for the next generation of innovators who think bigger, aim higher, and go faster.

—Eric Starkloff, NI president and CEO (week 1/100)

It’s people who inspire us. Your motivations, your experiences, and your ambitions drive us to provide you with the tools you need to achieve great things—at today’s quick pace.

We believe that the next great engineer could be anybody and come from anywhere. You don’t need a prestigious education to realize your dreams. Opportunities are not limited to those with years of experience.

Tomorrow’s next great engineer could be a child who creates elaborate scenes and stories in their minds using only a few toys and a vivid imagination. It’s that youthful spirit—void of any preconceived ideas of how things “should” be done—that cultivates their dreams for the future.

They could be a recent graduate, driven to free the world from the obstacles they personally faced early in their life. The desire to break down barriers is a powerful motivator.

They could be an engineer with decades of experience and accolades, who continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. With knowledge acquired through years of both failure and triumph, experienced engineers know that it’s possible to make a difference through a journey of discovery and innovation.

Perhaps the next great engineering feat will be accomplished by many, rather than one.

Or maybe they are a team, bound by common goals and the belief that they can achieve more by working together. They find progress through process, and they value their fellow team members’ individual skills and perspectives. Perhaps the next great engineering feat will be accomplished by many, rather than one.

This upcoming chapter also reinforces our commitment to local, global, and professional communities. Look for our Corporate Impact Strategy that outlines how we continue to support the next wave of problem-solvers and creative thinkers. We’ve always been an advocate for the future, and now is the time to share these promises and hold ourselves accountable to fulfill them.

And we’ll continue to bring you Unscripted, where we ask today’s brightest minds how they forged their path to success. However, the series will give a voice to those focused on the next big idea, the next breakthrough, or even the next global phenomenon.

So, who are the next great engineers? Where are they from? What motivates them? What are their ambitions? Follow the Next 100 in the coming weeks to find out, and share these stories with colleagues and friends alike. Because the next great engineer may be closer than you realize.