I Am NI: Christine Brandewie



Earlier this year we launched a new initiative called Generation NI, our global early talent development program, which enables employees to grow leadership skills through interdisciplinary cohorts. This cohesive program provides interactive trainings, actionable feedback, and mentorship.

Christine Brandewie, an avid gardener and engineer, came to NI with an open mind about the future. Thanks to Generation NI, she’s had the opportunity to work in new places and gain the skills needed to take her career to the next level.

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Name: Christine Brandewie
Hometown: Lexington, KY
University: Vanderbilt University
Department/Role at NI: Rotation Engineer, Generation NI XRP
Why did you want to intern/work at NI?

It’s funny how I ended up at NI—I was pretty set on returning to the company that I’d interned for in Kentucky, so I almost turned down the NI interview. I’m so glad that I didn’t! Once I set foot in Austin and on NI’s campus, I knew I’d found a place where I could grow with other new grads at a company that puts its people first..

How has Generation NI impacted you?

When I graduated college, I didn’t have a specific dream job in mind like a lot of other engineers around me. Generation NI has helped me discover what type of work is exciting and motivating to me, and my managers and the teams I’ve been lucky enough to work with have enabled me to develop the skills I need to pursue those roles.

Do you have a passion outside of “work”?

I love gardening—anyone who’s been on a virtual happy hour with me can attest to this!

How do you Engineer Ambitiously™?

I push myself to take on challenges that I don’t quite feel ready for—I want to grow by doing.

Who is your biggest inspiration and/or mentor (at NI or otherwise)?

My mom was the first person to go to college in her family, and she became a doctor.  Her perseverance and work ethic have always inspired me.

With the transitions to remote school and work in the past year, share some lessons learned along the way.

Like a lot of my colleagues, this year has pushed me to become more intentional both inside and outside of work. It’s easy to be complacent and go with the flow, but remote work and life has forced a lot of us to get real about who we want to be and what we want our work and personal lives to look like—and then to get busy actively pursuing our goals.

During your time at NI, what’s been the most significant lesson you’ve learned? (This can be anything from a life lesson to a skill/best practice you use in your career.)

People are company's best resource

As you enter the workforce, tell us why diversity and inclusion (especially in engineering) matter to you.

There weren’t a lot of other women in my electrical engineering program, and that impacted my confidence and mindset about what I could do when I started my career. If we want to solve the greatest engineering challenges facing our world today, we need 100 percent of the best and brightest, and we need them confident in their abilities and what they bring to the table!

What’s the one thing you want people to know about you that doesn’t fit on your resume?

I love travelling, and I’m currently in a temporary role for NI in California that’s given me the chance to see a unique area of the United States I haven’t gotten to experience before.

How would you describe the culture and connections you’ve experienced with other NIers?

In one word: genuine!

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