How to Lose $50M in 50 Seconds




From NASA’s early days to the modern era, space exploration has led to some of the most spectacular and public test failures. When you’re bound for the moon, there are thousands of moments that prove why testing matters during every stage of space flight—and with a rocket, sometimes you only get one chance to make it perfect. Rigorous testing prevents catastrophic failures, helps identify fixes that ensure astronaut safety, and leads to new, technical innovation. As we extend humanity’s reach further into space, every mission presents greater questions and valuable lessons that allow NASA to meet lofty goals.

The episode “How to Lose $50M in 50 Seconds” of NI’s “Testing…1, 2, 3” podcast explores NASA’s rocket test of the mid-20th century and discusses the importance of Sputnik’s launch. You’ll also learn all about new, recent developments in private space travel and why inclusiveness remains a critical part of testing proper function and finding failures in space travel.



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