Finding Failure of All Sizes



Eric Newman, CEO of Viviota. Tom Magruder, general manager of NOFFZ US Branch. Jeff Olsen, president of Hiller Measurements. Clint Biggs, president of Solubit, Inc.

Our customers find value in failure, just like we do. Regardless of the size of the company, the people who we partner with aren’t afraid to fail fast and often. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what failure means to a few of our partners in test and measurement. For these engineers, failure is not an obstacle when it comes to realizing their ambitions. 

Hiller Measurements 

“Failure is always an option. To say that it’s not an option would be delusional.”

-Jeff Olsen, president of Hiller Measurements


NOFFZ Technologies

“Sometimes we develop a product, bring it to a customer, and then learn that it needs to be changed. So, it’s not necessarily a product failure, but a product-definition failure.”

-Tom Magruder, general manager of NOFFZ US Branch



“With a surprise failure though, you have an opportunity to learn something new.”

-Eric Newman, CEO of Viviota


Solubit, Inc.

“While it’s great to be able to test something and have it pass, what you ultimately want to look for are the failures and insights you’re able to gain.”

-Clint Biggs, president of Solubit, Inc.