Telematics and Wireless Test eXtended Solution (WTX) by Alfamation

As telematics modules converge with infotainment systems, telematics and wireless technology drive significant improvements in vehicle safety, comfort, and user experience. To effectively integrate these capabilities, test systems need to meet new wireless standards, increase throughput, and support multiple devices under test (DUTs) that usually require other test, such as audio and video validation. A flexible solution for telematics and wireless test must meet the following requirements: 


  • Support the testing of DUTs and infotainment systems with Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, V2X, 5G (3GPP standard compliant), Bluetooth, and new standards
  • Offer scalability to parallel tests of multiple DUTs with modular hardware and software
  • Provide integrated fixturing options for local and remote DUTs

Solution Overview

  • Works well for high-speed nonsignaling parallel wireless testing on multiple DUTs
  • Provides 8 to 48 bidirectional RF ports that are dynamically connected to NI Vector Signal Transceivers (VSTs)
  • Optimizes using a reduced number of NI VSTs over multiple DUTs and provides scalability to support more complex DUTs
  • Incorporates WTX-EX instrument-level software with graphical user interfaces for test configuration, instrument virtualization, and easier debugging
  • Features extensibility for RF and wireless protocols supported by NI-RFmx

WTX: Open and Modular Wireless Test Solution

Explore a single platform for multistandard, multi-DUT, and multiport testing with support for wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, LTE, GSM, V2X, 5G, and Bluetooth. Learn more about the efficiency gains you can achieve with the WTX.

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