Tactical Radio Field Test System by Astronics Test Systems

Militaries worldwide depend on the secure and reliable communication of tactical radios wherever they deploy. Field test, including tactical radio, is the entire set of maintenance activities required to ensure mission readiness. For both depot and field environments, automated and consolidated test systems are essential in quickly determining real-time conditions, enabling repair operations, and maximizing uptime for mission-critical communications. They ensure:


  • Radio readiness through limited technical inspections (LTIs) to ascertain radio conditions from any tactical radio supplier
  • Network readiness through a portable, secure communications test solution
  • Streamlined maintenance operations featuring plug-and-play, compatible automation with existing solutions
  • Future test program set (TPS) compatibility and secure waveform support with a modular instrument architecture

Solution Overview

The Astronics tactical radio field test system provides an affordable, simple, turn-key solution through scripted and automated execution of field tests for any popular tactical radio. The solution offers superior test coverage with support for any secure waveform, whether in the depot or deployed in the field.


  • Future-proof design incorporating the modular NI PXI platform to mitigate obsolescence with proven synthetic instrument technology
  • Optional upgrades based on the NI PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), including 1 GHz bandwidth, frequency coverage to 6 GHz, and essential dual-channel capabilities
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