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Generation NI

Are you ready for a career where your work will help shape humanity for generations to come? At NI, we want you to be a part of something bigger—something that will make the next 100 years something we’re all proud of.

Student and New Graduate Experience

Generation NI is NI’s global early talent development program which enables you to grow your everyday leadership skills through interdisciplinary cohorts to accelerate your career. This specialized program provides interactive trainings, actionable feedback, and mentorship from recruitment all the way to making an impact in your role.


Whether you’re a student or new graduate looking to launch a meaningful career, we will get to know you as a person—your dreams, passions, strengths, and career aspirations. You’ll be matched with a group of other Generation NIers who are navigating their early careers right alongside you. And we’ll work with you to chart your career path, whatever your personal goals may be, so that you can grow your expertise in your space, while fostering connections across many other disciplines.


Career Development That’s Right for You

We recognize that people will come to NI from different stages of their careers, and we customize our programs to ensure you will be paired with others at a similar career level. No matter the entry-level role you are joining NI with, your experience will start with an interdisciplinary cohort onboarding component to help you develop skills and connections, followed by on-the-job learning to support your success while you are working in your role. 


We have two different tracks:

New Graduate

  • NI’s new graduate experience through Generation NI is for recent graduates or students seeking full-time employment upon completion of their degree. This includes our function direct entry roles and a selective cross-functional rotation path called the Generation NI Leadership Accelerator.


Student Program

  • NI’s student program experience through Generation NI is for high school and college students seeking internships, co-ops, and apprenticeships while they are working towards their degree.

Onboarding Development Experience

Each track through the program includes Generation NI Onboarding in which Gen NIers will:

  • Learn through self-paced tools, interactive workshops, and feedback
  • Build understanding of NI’s customers and principles of customer focus
  • Grow cross-functional collaboration in a global cohort
  • Explore leadership fundamentals
  • Focus on role-specific development with mentors
  • Understand NI’s core values and commitment to diversity

Join Us

Are you a recent graduate or a student who’s passionate about technology who is looking to launch a meaningful career? Join us as a member of Generation NI.


Browse open positions in our job portal, search for specific roles, and apply online.


Benjamin Hoos

Systems R&D Mechanical Engineer | NI Austin

"I was very nervous because this was my first job out of college, but this year exemplified why I picked NI. Being part of Generation NI turned my 5-year plan into a 1-year plan!"

Natalie Kabeshita

Solutions Engineer | NI Tokyo

"Connecting with NIers around the world was a window into the bigger picture. I learned how decisions are made, who our stakeholders are, and how NI is organized. I gained a much better idea of how I could add value to the business, and most importantly, it made me realize I belonged to a community of people doing big things."

Ayodele Aigbe

Summer Intern 2020 | NI Austin

"My summer at NI truly inspired me to continue to Engineer Ambitiously, finding innovative ways to solve real-world problems. I started Hangio as a way to solve a problem I had in my own closet, which required me to leverage my problem-solving skills to devise a fresh approach to an old problem."