New Graduate Track

NI’s new graduate experience through Generation NI is for those who have recently graduated or students seeking full-time employment upon completion of their degree. This track program includes our function direct entry roles and a selective cross-functional rotation path called the Generation NI Leadership Accelerator.

New Graduate Experience

Generation NI’s new graduate experience enables participants to learn immersively, add value quickly, and develop intentionally through the program. The main components of the program are a 3-week immersive interdisciplinary onboarding experience and role-specific development.

New Graduate Development Paths

Direct Entry

Direct entry roles are the most common path for new graduates. If you have a passion in a specific area and want to start building your professional expertise right away, we have different roles for you to apply your knowledge to challenging tasks. NI’s direct entry roles include engineering and non-engineering positions like human resources, marketing, or finance.

Leadership Accelerator

With three hub locations in Austin, Munich, and Shanghai, Generation NI’s cross-functional rotation path called Leadership Accelerator aims to develop customer-obsessed engineering leaders into careers that live at the intersection of business and technology. This selective 2-year path for engineers requires business, engineering technical, business operations, and customer deployment rotations.

Ready to Join Our Team?


Darren Tjung

Operational Insights Analyst I NI Penang

“Since joining in September 2019, NI has given me the opportunity to develop myself both professionally and personally. The guidance from my manager and colleagues helped me onboard quickly and gave me the confidence to perform my work. My role as an analyst in Sales Operations requires me to work with different functional teams in NI. Through these interactions, I found that everyone in NI has been very willing to share their experiences and knowledge to help each other succeed. NI has given me autonomy in my work where I am able to share my opinions and make an impact in the organization.”

Kendall Clovis

Leadership Accelerator Rotation Engineer | NI Austin

“The one thing I appreciated the most in that first 6 months period and started to realize was more unique when talking to friends about their jobs, was that there was a lot of support initially. It was a learning environment. No one expected you to be perfect. They expected you to ask questions when you needed them to help, and they were always there to guide you. That was really helpful to me in my first role out of college in a professional setting. It was nice to know that I didn’t have to know it all and if I needed help there were people there to help me.”


Xin Chen

Leadership Accelerator Rotation Engineer | NI Shanghai

“I was able to help the NI Marketing team execute a semiconductor open lab series of events and made a significant impact on our business. Even in the first month of execution we successfully advanced company revenue. It’s really amazing to see that your hard work can make an impact on our business.”


Astghik Tsokolakyan

Technical Support Engineer | NI Armenia EMEA

“My amazing journey at NI started from my very first day as an NIer. I was impressed by the motivation and passion that everyone puts into their job. Every person in the office is always available to help me and share their knowledge, which keeps me stay motivated and excited about learning more! The team spirit and great environment here will surely make anyone love their job even more.”