Student Program Track

At NI, our Generation NI interns and apprentices get to experience firsthand how we Engineer Ambitiously. Whether you spend a summer in Product R&D, a year in finance, or time in another function, our program aims to create a challenging, engaging, and fun experience.

Career Development Opportunities for Students

Students in our intern and apprentice program are provided challenging, meaningful work and are given opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Our interns and apprentices work on real projects and collaborate with actual project teams—no busy work—all while being exposed to different cultures and functions across the business. Generation NI interns experience interactive workshops for introductory customer understanding, professional collaboration, and emotional intelligence skill development.

Intern Project Showcases

Each year, we host Intern Project Showcases to allow our interns and apprentices the opportunity to show off their hard work, network with other NIers, and share their experiences at NI. The showcase allows Gen NI interns to share the deliverables they completed during their internship, including software, hardware, demos, project recommendations, sales leads, customer cases, and much more.

Networking Opportunities for Interns and Apprentices

Our program is an opportunity to be fully immersed in our culture and see our NI core values firsthand. Throughout their experience, our interns and apprentices have fun together and develop a sense of community. Former interns and apprentices have experienced social events, global scavenger hunts, an intern-only chat with our CEO, and many other team-building activities. They also get the chance to network and build lasting relationships with their project teams and other NI employees, as well as NI’s Employee Resource Groups, to provide additional opportunities for support and connections.

Tips for Applying and Your Interview

  • Understand Requirements—Most new grad and intern positions have required and preferred qualifications. Make sure you review them before applying to determine if you are eligible for the position.

  • Share examples—Be sure to share specific examples of what you have done and how it relates to the position you’re being considered for. Do you have a perfect example of a time you worked hours debugging some code that applies directly to the role you’re being considered for? Share it!

  • Be prepared—Always be ready to share your knowledge of NI and how we work with our customers. NI’s Perspectives provides a peek inside the trends, technology, and ideas that people at NI are thinking about.

  • Ask questions—Be ready with questions about NI, our culture, and the role responsibilities.


Aritro Mukherjee

Software Engineering Intern | NI Bangalore 

“When I joined NI as an intern, I never expected the people to be so warm and helpful. Whenever I would have a question or any doubt, people from the team were always happy to help and have a nice conversation. All of it being online, in a WFH environment, it was awesome to have great people as coworkers who would jump at the opportunity to be involved in something NWR taking time out of their busy schedules. My experience has truly taught me how much the words ‘Be Bold, Be Kind, and Be Connectors’ mean.”


Esteban Gonzalez

Technical Support Intern | NI Costa Rica

“I started my professional career as an engineering intern in the Technical Support Department here at NI, and thanks to the company’s focus on people’s growth, I’ve had the chance to develop my technical, sales, business, and leadership skills in a way that would have been enormously hard anywhere else. This culture of growth and improvement, combined with some of the best human talent I could have encountered, enabled me to find my call to become a group manager for one of our Services teams.”


Trevor Bounds

HR Talent Intern | NI USA

“The work I did while interning at NI was great on its own, but the people at NI really went above and beyond to make my experience amazing. My managers and project leads continually asked about what I wanted to get out of my time here and they bent over backwards to make it happen. On top of that, NI’s culture really encouraged us interns to have fun with each other—and I made tons of friends through all the amazing social events we had!”


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