Test Code Module Development with STS Course

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The Test Code Module Development with STS Course teaches you how to develop and debug measurement code modules for STS test programs.

The Test Code Module Development with STS and LabVIEW Course introduces you to the Semiconductor Test System (STS) and explores the different types of software for configuring and test STS programs. After attending this course, you will know how to program STS instruments, design and debug custom test code modules, build tests from instrument code, create custom test steps, and communicate with a device under test (DUT). You also will learn how to implement multisite subsystem execution as well as how to perform test program optimization and deployment while reducing test time. The Test Code Module Development and LabVIEW Course is recommended for test developers using NI STS for semiconductor production test or high-volume automated device validation. General knowledge of semiconductor test strategies and methods as well as basic test engineering knowledge is required.

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