NI Vision Builder AI 2018 and 2018 SP1 Bug Fixes


The following items are the Issue IDs of issues fixed between the release of NI Vision Builder AI 2015 f2 and 2018 SP1. If you have a Issue ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of NI Vision Builder AI.

Vision Builder AI 2018

ID Fixed Issue
699991 Windows ISC-178x leaks handles while acquiring in VBAI.
699009 Copy, Delete, Save, and Paste of steps with resource files can break them. These steps include Pattern Matching, Calculator, Color Matching, etc.
697456 Edit unsupported step in Vision Assistant script causes previous steps to disappear.
692206 OPC UA client operations take tens of seconds if OPC UA Server has over 1000 items.
689607 System Variables are re-initialized to 0 instead of initials values when switching to or from Inspection Mode.
689261 Inspection Status is not updated properly when using "Set to FAIL if any previous step fails or if current value of Inspection Status is FAIL" option.
688609 VBAI crashes when we try to relearn a calibration axis with an angle set to NaN.
688278 Modbus step writes coils at an incorrect address.
591244 Calculator step can disable OK button if a control or indicator is copy and then pasted, and the only option is the Cancel the step.
698675 TCP steps are not updated after changing the name of the TCP client in the Communication Device Manager.
698321 Datalogging step resets the local path control when switching to a different tab and then back to the Destination tab.
696637 System Variables are not initialized until the inspection is run on the target.
695251 Image Logging step does not log an AVI file correctly when the step also logs other images as well.
688549 Modbus Local Registers Terminal does not clear the registers when Edit>>Clear Registers is selected.
685222 Detect Texture Defects step can take over a minute to edit for some templates.
684672 Read/Write I/O encoder value rolls over prematurely after 32767 counts.
684668 Acquire Image (GigE, or USB) step can return a 16-bit image from a camera as an 8-bit when connected to a target and no image was acquired while editing the step.
678605 Later versions of VBAI cannot edit calibrations created in VBAI 2013.
668403 Vision Assistant Equalize does not work well with 16-bit image.
668400 Vision Assistant 16-bit display Mapping does not match VBAI's display mapping.
663238 User System Variables get reverted when disconnect from host.
657236 Multiple Data Logging steps that log to the same file can return a misleading error "File Format Incompatible".
648133 Calculator step can have broken wires if it uses previous results from the same state and that state is copied and pasted.
646038 C VBAI API requires VDM run-time to be licensed to be able to call vbaiGetInspectionImageDataDynamic.
638169 VBAI API "Get Inspection Image" fails to return an image if a non-default "Image Reduction Factor" is used.
629493 VBAI API session gets disconnected from the VBAI Engine if any network connections change.
619528 TCP step doesn't include new TCP devices that were defined since the step was last edited.
701842 Flat Field Correction step disables the OK button when "Online Correction Using Modeling" is selected.
701486 Flat Field Creation Wizard can close immediately in some cases with an error about the image size not being compatible.
693022 OPC UA step reports missing device when editing step and OPC UA server is not enabled.
671311 State Diagram visible state keeps reverting to the top most state.
607651 Calculator step Tool Palette disappears when moving the palette window.
698176 OPC UA Server can fail to start when using hundreds of items.
583905 When the VBAI SDK is generating code, the All VIs can be broken in some cases. The VI is no longer broken after closing LabVIEW and reopening the VI.
591243 Adding a breakpoint in the block diagram of the Calculator step causes block diagram to open with the breakpoint highlighted when running the inspection.


Vision Builder AI 2018 SP1

ID Fixed Issue
726819 When an inspection saved in Vision Builder AI 2014 is opened twice in a row, Calculator steps might return fail.
726371 Vision Builder AI might crash when running inspections including a Count Pixel step operating a very large ROI partially outside of the image.
722893 Vision Builder AI crashes when editing a Vision Assistant step.
716059 Reading the value of Custom Inspection Interface controls returns Measurement Not Available.
713213 Learning a pattern matching template fails after using the "Auto Crop" button.
706164 Vision Builder AI's web server fails to start on RT targets.
703116 Inspections including Map Defect steps fail to load on RT targets.
726078 Editing a Track Objects step returns a "Region of interest not valid" error.
726029 .Flat Field Wizard fails to warn when trying to use a flat field image name that already exists.
724123 Vision Builder AI 2018 does not load correctly certain inspections last saved with a previous version.
717930 Pattern matching steps might return different results when editing the step vs. running the step in an inspection.
716661 Vision Builder AI cannot edit older calibration files.
714764 When configuring an Industrial Controller, video settings are not valid if a monitor is not connected.
714278 When configuring a Pattern Matching or Map Defects step, editing a template resets the presets to the default values.
714277 When using a Pattern Matching step, switching the algorithm from Low Discrepancy to Value Pyramid significantly increases the template size.
714041 The calibration origin might be reset to (0,0) when editing a calibration file.
713025 The Windows taskbar hides the bottom portion of the Vision Builder AI window when maximized on a secondary monitor.
712602 Fonts used on the inspection interface displayed on an RT target are incorrect.
708749 When running an inspection, image acquisition steps do no re-initialize cameras that are disconnected and reconnected.
708631 When editing a very large Vision Assistant script, steps at the end of the script are sometimes not selectable.
708151 Camera configuration cannot be modified in image acquisition steps when the same camera is also used in the Select Inspection state.
706337 Run buttons might remain disabled after using the Run once button.
705501 Select Inspection State does not switch between inspections when using previous measurements.
703633 DAQmx step does not work on RT target after performing a custom software installation using MAX.
703241 Converting inspection to LabVIEW returns incorrect code for Map Defect steps.
702135 Flat Field creation wizard allows a Model image to have a different size than the acquired image, which then shows as "Image Not Available" after moving through the wizard and trying to select it as the field image.
668403 The Equalize function in a Vision Assistant step returns incorrect results for 16-bit images.
725973 Line Fit Deviation test in the Geometry Step always returns a "Fail" in VBAI.


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