PXI Synchronization Module

TCXO, GPS, IRIG-B, IEEE 1588 PXI Synchronization Module—The PXI‑6683 timing and synchronization modules synchronize PXI and PXI Express systems using GPS, IEEE 1588, and IRIG‑B to perform synchronous events. The PXI‑6683 can generate events and clock signals at specified synchronized future times and timestamp input events with the synchronized system time. The PXI‑6683 features an onboard temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) that can be disciplined to GPS, IEEE 1588, and IRIG‑B for long-term stability. You also can use the PXI‑6683 to route clock signals and triggers with low skew within a PXI chassis or between multiple chassis, providing you a method for synchronizing multiple devices in a PXI system.

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