Synchronization Device

Life Cycle Status: Mature | Last Orderable Date: 5/30/18

IEEE 1588 Synchronization Device—The PCI‑1588 uses the IEEE 1588‑2008 precision time protocol to synchronize clocks and events with other IEEE 1588‑based instruments or computers. It can operate as either an IEEE 1588 master or slave clock module. An onboard FPGA automatically adjusts the frequency and phase of an onboard IEEE 1588 clock. The PCI‑1588 interface synchronizes its clock with other IEEE 1588‑capable devices through a built-in Ethernet port. With this synchronized timebase, using general-purpose PFI lines, the PCI‑1588 can synchronize events with non‑1588 devices, such as traditional instruments or PLCs via SMB connectors on the PCI bracket. You can also use the Real‑Time System Integration (RTSI) interface for synchronizing the PCI‑1588 with other PCI instruments in the same PC.

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