C Series Temperature Input Module

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8-Channel, 400 S/s Aggregate, 0 Ω to 400 Ω, PT100 RTD C Series Temperature Input Module—The NI‑9216 is a resistance temperature detector (RTD) input module. You can configure the NI‑9216 for two sample rate modes: high sample rate or high resolution. The NI‑9216 is compatible with 3‑ and 4‑wire RTD measurements, and it automatically detects the type of RTD (3-‑or 4‑wire) connected to the channel and configures each channel for the appropriate mode. The module provides per channel current excitation. The NI‑9216 features calibration and includes a channel‑to‑earth ground double isolation barrier for safety, noise immunity, and a high common-mode voltage range.

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