Vision Development Module 2021 Bug Fixes


The following items are notable issues fixed between the release of Vision Development Module 2020 SP2 and Vision Development Module 2021, including additional patches and service packs. If you have an issue ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed. This is not an exhaustive list of issues fixed in the current version of Vision Development Module.

Bug Number

Legacy ID




Unexpected Behaviour in IMAQ TransformROI Function

When converting a set of points and to a corresponding region of interest and back to a set of points when the Axis reference is indirect for Measurement System and the Angle(deg) is zero results in an changed transformed point.


Changing the Angle(deg) to 360 will bring about the required result.

Reported Version:

Vision Development Module 2019

Resolved Version:

Vision Development Module 2021


Dec 4, 2020


IMAQ Morphology VI Erode\Dilate Crashes when Dest Image border is too small

IMAQ Morphology VI (Erode and Dilate) crashes with a 1024x1024 U8 image using 9x9 kernel and 4 iterations with border size of 25 in LabVIEW 2020.


Set the Destination Image border size to be large enough for the kernel used (typically same value as the border size used in the Source Image).

Reported Version:

Vision Development Module 2020

Resolved Version:

Vision Development Module 2021



Additional Patch Information

Installing some patches may require certain additional steps or considerations. Please refer to the following table for more information about patches for this release.

These patches currently do not have any special instructions.

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