NI-VISA Improvement and Bug Fixes


The following items are the IDs and titles of issues fixed between NI-VISA 4.4 and 15.0.1. For earlier releases of NI-VISA, consult the readme for that version of NI-VISA. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.
ID Fixed Issue Fixed Version
103875 viPrintf and variants did not support the %@2 identifier when using short integer arrays nor the %@3 identifier when using any arrays 4.4
114300 In MAX, VISA options may not reflect manual modifications made to visaconf.ini 4.4
92346 The C examples would build with warnings when using Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or higher 4.4
93267 VISA may crash when trying to close a session in use by a different thread 4.4
132397 In the VISA COM driver, attribute accessing functions returning a VARIANT_BOOL now return VARIANT_TRUE (-1) instead of VI_TRUE (+1) when the specified attribute is true. This applies for all functions except the raw GetAttribute call, which will continue to return VI_TRUE 4.5
93245 VISA resources on a CVS target did not appear in the MAX tree 4.5
121227 Previously, MAX would crash when expanding the "Serial & Parallel" tree item if the settings for a port in VISA are different than those in Windows Device Manager 4.5
105351 Calling viFindRsrc using 64-bit VISA may cause a command window to flash on the screen 4.5
112150 Previously, it was not possible to disable 64-bit passports 4.5
89395 Searching for VXI-11 resources may not find some instruments when multiple Ethernet interfaces are present 4.5
135045 The nimdnsResponder service may corrupt the routing table 4.5.1
177456 On LabVIEW RT (Phar Lap ETS), trying to set the attribute VI_ATTR_TCPIP_NODELAY on a TCPIP SOCKET session to VI_FALSE returned an error 4.6
165973 When closing a TCPIP INSTR session for which an interrupt channel has been established, NI-VISA would not explicitly close the interrupt channel 4.6
88858 On Windows Vista, an NI-VISA application communicating to a USBTMC device may cause system crash (blue screen) if the device firmware hits a debug assertion 4.6
186322 When building installers from NI software, VISA 4.6 components were incorrectly labeled as version 4.5 in the installer properties dialog 4.6.1
195038 Improper message displayed when using VISA Driver Development Wizard to install a driver on Mac OS X without elevated privileges, indicating the driver cannot be installed 5.0
208212 viStatusDesc causes a memory leak on Linux 5.0
233365 VISA Driver Development Wizard does not install composite USB device drivers correctly 5.0
185549 GPIB passport always returns VI_SUCCESS_DEV_NPRESENT if ibln is disabled 5.0
173379 Real-time support of some NI software may fail to install if NI-VISA is already installed 5.0
154617 VISA does not recognize the serial number of some USB RAW devices 5.0
244124 USB communication timeout cannot be set to values greater than 60 seconds 5.0.2
258031 USB RAW control requests always timeout after 5 seconds 5.0.4
207832 VISA Read To File does not write text to file on Mac OS X 5.1
247629 TCP/IP resources cannot only have numbers in LAN device name 5.1
285159 NI 3110 is not listed under VISA Remote Systems 5.1
354588 Calls to viLock fail after lock is set in a program that crashes. 5.4
375426 NI-VISA 5.2 cannot communicate with some third party Ethernet GPIB devices. 5.4
382487 .NET 4.5 Examples for VisaNS are not installed 5.3
388578 TCP/IP INSTR resources cannot be added in MAX if the LAN device name only contains numbers. 5.4
393875 Using VISA asynchronous writes along with VISA events in LabVIEW may cause corrupted data to be written to the serial port. 5.4
404486 Removing and reconnecting a USB device that has interrupt enabled causes a system crash on VxWorks. 5.4
409398 GPIB instruments improperly labeled as Not Present in NI Web-base Configuration & Monitoring 5.4
420012 In VISA Interactive Control, File»Exit closes all open sessions regardless of selection. 14.0
437513 When opening a session with serial devices that don't support events on Linux operating systems, NI-VISA throws an Unknown System error. 14.0
454512 Accessing the built-in serial ports on an NI cRIO-9068 using the VISA property node returns error -1073807343 in NI-VISA 5.4.1. 14.0
182027 Setting serial baud rate with NI-VISA may return errors from third-party serial drivers. 15.0
242354 VISA always adds a parallel port resource even if the system does not have a parallel port. 15.0
543928 Extra 0xFF characters may be received when using NI-VISA to read from serial ports on Linux RT targets. 15.0.1
Opening a session to VISA resources with resource names longer than 249 bytes can cause LabVIEW or NI MAX to crash. Special thanks to Frederick Angstadt for bringing this issue to the attention of NI. 16.0
536772 Connection to HiSLIP devices may be dropped if HiSLIP data message contains MessageID parameter of 'None' (0xFFFFFFFF) 16.0


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