What Is MeasurementLink?

MeasurementLink UI Editor showing filter bandwidth measurement.

MeasurementLink is a software framework that connects the disparate workflows of manual measurements, test automation, and debugging for validation and production test engineers. This allows engineers to focus on validation and test instead of software infrastructure.

Product Features

Extensible Software Framework for Test and Measurement

A MeasurementLink plug-in displaying graph data

MeasurementLink connects interactive measurement, test automation, and debugging workflows from InstrumentStudio software and TestStand to build a more efficient methodology for validation and production test engineers. The MeasurementLink plug-in framework provides a no-code configuration experience for engineering teams.

What does MeasurementLink offer?

  • Connects interactive and automated workflows by sharing configured measurement setup
  • Provides tools to develop measurement plug-ins that use NI or third-party hardware
  • Enables code reuse in LabVIEW as well as Python and other languages
  • Reduces correlation issues and debugging time

Why MeasurementLink?

What Can I Do with MeasurementLink?

Shift the focus back to your products. You are a measurement expert, and you know your products best. Don’t let your test software framework be a bottleneck. MeasurementLink can provide the software infrastructure you need.

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Buying MeasurementLink

MeasurementLink and MeasurementLink Development are available as software subscriptions. To discuss your needs in more detail and buy MeasurementLink, use the following form to contact us.

An engineer doing manual testing with MeasurementLink.

MeasurementLink (Core) Software


  • Make measurements interactively with MeasurementLink plug-ins in InstrumentStudio software. 

  • Automate MeasurementLink plug-ins from TestStand Measurement Step.

  • Transfer measurement configurations between InstrumentStudio software and TestStand for rapid automation and debugging.

MeasurementLink Development Software


Includes MeasurementLink Core features, plus:


  • Incorporate third-party instrument control into measurement plug-ins.
  • Build engineering UIs for Python measurement plug-ins with Measurement UI Editor—no coding required.
  • Build DUT-centric measurement plug-ins with DUT pin mapping API.
  • Program with MeasurementLink driver APIs (Modular Instruments APIs with session management support).

Subscription Benefits

MeasurementLink and MeasurementLink Development include software services including access to current and historical versions, technical support, and online training.

I was positively surprised how smooth the pilot went. MeasurementLink has great potential to integrate multiple different tools into one framework and one workflow for measurement abstraction and combining and reusing existing measurements in other languages more easily.

Wolfgang Rominger

NXP Semiconductors

Invest Domain Expertise Where it Counts

Your best engineers were hired to innovate on products and measurement methodologies, not to housekeep internal software infrastructure. Let MeasurementLink take care of your software needs so your test and validation team can engineer ambitiously.


Reduction in test software costs


Freed up engineering time


Savings across large-scale organizations