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What Are PXI Multifunction I/O Modules?

PXI Multifunction I/O Modules offer a mix of I/O with precise timing, triggering, and synchronization provided by the PXI platform. The modules are ideal for a wide variety of industry applications such as laboratory research, design verification test, and manufacturing test.

Find the Right DAQ Software

Use a PXI Multifunction I/O Device with the right level of software to deliver a measurement application custom fit to your needs. From configured measurements with no programming to custom-built apps with a specialized user interface, one driver ties software to hardware.

Make a Quality Measurement

With multiple decades of research and development expertise behind it, a PXI Multifunction I/O Module can ensure every measurement is highly accurate and repeatable. You can rest assured that your NI DAQ device provides reliable performance from one measurement to the next.

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