Software Defined Radio

NI software defined radios (SDRs) provide the design solution to rapidly prototype wireless communications systems, which leads to faster results. You can present applications with real-world signals such as multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) and LTE/WiFi testbed.

Prototype the next generation of software defined radio

Flexible yet affordable SDRs turn a standard PC into a next-generation wireless prototyping tool. Paired with the revolutionary LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite, the NI SDR solution gives you unprecedented hardware and software integration to accelerate your innovation and offers out-of-the-box standards-based application frameworks for more rapid, focused, component-specific innovation.

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Massive MIMO promises significant gains that can accommodate more users at higher data rates with better reliability while consuming less power.

In the race to define the next generation of wireless communications standards, new technology helps designers rapidly prototype new wireless systems.

NI application frameworks are a starting point for researchers looking for ways to improve the 802.11 and LTE standards.

Products and Solutions

Application Resource Kit

Wireless Research Handbook: 4th Edition

Download the latest edition of the Wireless Research Handbook, which includes applications covering:


  • Massive MIMO for Beyond 5G
  • mmWave beam tracking
  • Sensing for autonomous vehicles
  • Precoding for satellite communications
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