Smart Machine Control

Machine vision and advanced motion control are key components of smart automation. Engineers can increase throughput and build highly efficient modern machines that sharpen accuracy and easily adapt to new products and processes.

National Instruments vision and motion machine systems can create advanced smart automation.

NI Expertise Overview

The importance of software-defined machines has dramatically increased over the last few years with the ubiquity of sensors, distributed networks, and connectivity. Today, the keys to smart machine control are gaining insight into the machine’s operation and the ability to adjust control outputs. Engineers rely on sensor information to monitor the condition of mechanical parts, which gives them the ability to observe the process for quality control or closed-control loops for applications like force feedback or precise positioning. Today, LabVIEW graphical programming helps leading machine builders master this increasing system complexity with add-on modules for motion control, machine vision, and control design and simulation.

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The hydraulically driven gripper arms aided the handling of large monopoles is controlled by National Instruments hardware and software.

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