Migration Options for USB-8472/73/76 CAN Interface


NI discontinued USB-847x CAN/LIN devices in 2020. This document describes recommended devices to transition the USB-847x CAN/LIN devices to the newer generation of USB-850x NI-XNET CAN/LIN devices.


NI offers a recommended replacement for new and existing applications, the new USB-850x CAN/LIN devices, which feature upgraded hardware capabilities and support from the NI-XNET driver. Migrating existing applications to a new USB-850x requires porting NI-CAN code to NI-XNET. If you have any questions on migrating existing NI-CAN code to NI-XNET for use with a USB-850x, please see Migrating NI-CAN Applications to NI-XNET for more information.

Discontinued Product

Recommended Replacement Product

USB-8472 One-Port, Low-Speed, USB CAN InterfaceUSB-8501 One-Port, NI-XNET CAN LS/FT Interface
USB-8472s One-Port, Low-Speed, USB CAN Interface With SynchronizationUSB-8501 Two-Port, NI-XNET CAN LS/FT Interface With Synchronization
USB-8473 One-Port, High-Speed, USB CAN InterfaceUSB-8502 One-Port, NI-XNET CAN HS/FD Interface
USB-8473s One-Port, High-Speed, USB CAN Interface With SynchronizationUSB-8502 Two-Port, NI-XNET CAN HS/FD Interface With Synchronization
USB-8476 One-Port, USB LIN InterfaceUSB-8506 One-Port, NI-XNET LIN Interface
USB-8476s One-Port, USB LIN Interface With SynchronizationUSB-8506 Two-Port, NI-XNET LIN Interface With Synchronization

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