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NI Requirements Gateway


NI Requirements Gateway is a requirements traceability software solution for test, measurement, and control applications. Implementing automated requirements management for a project can drastically reduce the investment of time and money necessary to ensure that a project conforms to all requirements set forth in a specification document and that changes to project items don't break requirements coverage. NI Requirements Gateway traces requirements contained in the most common requirement specification tools and integrates fully into the National Instruments' software development suite by tracing coverages specified in LabVIEW, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, Telelogic Doors, MATRIXx, and more.


The Need for Requirements Management

In recent years, the growing complexity of products, shorter product development lifecycles, and increasingly stringent compliance standards have led to the increase in formalized requirements in product development and testing. As engineering projects become more ambitious, their complexity increases. This complexity is fueled by both newer technology and a trend toward engineering projects that employ development teams and contractors around the world. Formalized requirements are critical to guaranteeing the complete and correct implementation of these projects’ goals.

In addition to increasing product complexity, vendors are accelerating product development, lowering development costs, and increasing quality in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage in their markets. An effective, cost-efficient quality and testing strategy must be based on clearly defined requirements. Requirements help you specify the exact functionality of a product and guarantee that it is tested correctly and completely. Requirements management tools make the process of storing and analyzing the requirements cost-efficient.

Many companies are also faced with stringent government and industry-specific compliance requirements. Certification standards such as 21 CFR Part 11, enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration, DO-178B, used for in-flight onboard software for aircraft, and CMMI, for general software development, define guidelines for developing reliable devices and software. As companies continue to expand globally, they are faced with even more compliance requirements posed by foreign entities. Both local and foreign compliance standards rely heavily on clearly defined requirements. Furthermore, compliance standards emphasize the need to prove the links between higher-level and lower-level requirements and the implementation of requirements in the product.

What is NI Requirements Gateway?

NI Requirements Gateway software is a requirements management and traceability solution that links your development and verification documents to formal requirements stored in documents and databases. NI Requirements Gateway performs coverage and impact analysis, graphically displays coverage relationships, and generates comprehensive reports. NI Requirements Gateway traces requirements defined in multiple formats such as Telelogic DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, and Microsoft Word.

Figure 1. NI Requirements Gateway traces requirements in different formats, such Telelogic DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, and Microsoft Word, to their implementation in multiple programming languages and test software platforms.

Learn More about Requirements Management with NI Requirements Gateway

Short on time? 

In this 15 minute introductory webcast, you'll learn about the need for requirements management in test, measurement, and control application design, development and verification.  You'll see how simple it is to trace requirements specified in Microsoft Word and specify the coverages of those requirements in LabVIEW.

Can't wait to find out more? 

This webcast goes into further detail about how NI Requirements Gateway capitalizes on the dedicated interfaces of text and Microsoft Word files and Telelogic DOORS databases.  You'll see how to specify the coverage of requirements using LabVIEW and TestStand and explore many different options of graphically viewing coverage using NI Requirements Gateway.

Tour NI Requirements Gateway

In this technical whitepaper, you'll explore the different views that NI Requirements Gateway provides for graphical visualization of coverage.  You'll read about requirements specification and how to couple NI Requirements Gateway with the entire National Instruments software development suite.

What's New in Requirements Gateway 1.1?

NI Requirements Gateway 1.1 introduces enhanced precision for requirements coverage specification, giving users the ability to indicate coverages that occur in LabVIEW labels and captions of front panel and block diagram elements and within function bodies of code written in C.  NI Requirements Gateway 1.1 also incorporates new tools for large application integration including classification marks for improved impact analysis, the Checksum Type, and support for LabVIEW project (*.lvproj) and library (*.lvlib) file analysis.

NI Requirements Gateway Coupling Series

This series of tutorial documents takes an in-depth look at how NI Requirements Gateway can use dedicated interfaces to communicate with both third party software and NI application and test software.

Read the NI Requirements Gateway Coupling Series

Evaluate NI Requirements Gateway Now 

Try NI Requirements Gateway now for free for thirty days by downloading the NI Requirements Gateway evaluation software.

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