Support Information for the PXIe-8267 Data Storage Module


This document provides regularly updated support information for the PXIe-8267 Data Storage Module. For additional information, please refer to the latest Getting Started Guide or Specifications documents. For additional support, please visit


Drive Details

The current revision of the PXIe-8267 contains four (4) 1TB Samsung 970 Pro M.2 SSD drives. Please visit Samsung's product page for detailed specifications for these drives.

Software Details

Windows 10: Windows 10 natively supports NVMe and does not require additional drivers to support NVMe-based drives used in the PXIe-8267. However, it is recommended to download and install the latest Samsung NVMe driver from Samsung's website at:

Thermal Considerations

The PXIe-8267 requires 58 W of slot cooling capability. Currently, the only chassis that can provide at least 58 W of cooling in a peripheral slot are the PXIe-1095, PXIe-1092, PXIe-1088, and the PXIe-1084. The PXIe-1095 or PXIe-1092 are the recommended chassis to use with the PXIe-8267 data storage module due to their 82 W slot cooling capacity and Gen3 x8 PXI Express slots.  

For more information about PXI power and cooling, please read this white paper.

Services and Warranty Information

The PXIe-8267 contains M.2 NVMe solid state drives with a warranted lifetime (in years) and warranted write lifetime (in terabytes written, or TBW). A RAID module with an out-of-warranty drive is considered itself to be out of warranty. Please refer to the drive manufacturer's documentation for drive warranty information along with instructions for monitoring your drive's health. For additional information, please contact 

Additional Data Storage Products

For information on NI's additional storage products please visit the following pages:

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