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Download Language: English

Product Line: PXI/CompactPCI

Version: 19.5.1f0

Release date: 04-10-2020

Software type: Firmware

Operating system: Linux RT; Windows 10; Windows 7


PXIe-8861 Deployable Firmware Package 19.5.1f0 contains the latest BIOS for the PXIe-8861

Important! This firmware package will update the BIOS in the system and reset your CMOS default settings. Please record changes you have made to them prior to updating this firmware package!

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and save the firmware image for your PXI controller to the system containing the controller that needs updating. If the system containing the controller is running RT OS, download and save the firmware image to the host machine instead.
  2. On the host system, use NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to upgrade the firmware. You must run MAX with administrator privileges.
    1. For Windows Systems: Open MAX and expand Devices and Interfaces under the My System tab.
    2. For RT systems: From the host machine, open MAX and expand Remote Systems. Expand the target system and expand Devices and Interfaces.
  3. For the controller to be updated:
    1. Expand the Chassis tab and select the controller needing the firmware update.
    2. Click the Update Firmware button in the right pane.
    3. Navigate to and select the firmware image file saved in step 1, then click the Open button.
      • A dialog box should open containing information about the firmware image selected.
    4. Click Begin Update to confirm and start the update.
  4. Follow any additional instructions provided when the update is complete.
    • If the dialog says an issue occurred, record the error number/message and contact National Instruments.

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