Archived: LabVIEW 2009 Bug Fixes

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The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 8.6.1 and LabVIEW 2009. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.
ID Legacy ID Fixed Issue
34886 2PA8BEQK Add "file created?" output to "Open Config".
35064 47L25ME9 Loss of front panel item order in a tab structure in 8.20 when copying from block diagram.
35135 484GP5TG LabVIEW hangs if breakpoint hit during file load
35466 3QHBGARM Analyze Replace Pattern does not analyze a single space well
35672 42BGO3P2 Command Line Example description has incorrect information
35711 42OBQ1SA Read Configuration Settings and Write Configuration Settings Shipping Examples need to be updated for current version of File
35748 42T69BQQ Difference of performances between LabVIEW 7.1.1 versus 8.2
35812 43JDQO00 Inconsistent behavior of "Config Data"
35858 43SEE9SF MATLAB script node does not return errors from script
35928 41KC8O6O creates incorrect syntax for use in Mac OS X Terminal
36119 31H9E8Z3 Legend for Digital Waveform Graph is not updated using channel name attribute
36173 347GFKJ1 Unflatten From XML does not work with LVVariant tag
36334 2VHEF4F2 Confusing Help Topic Displayed For a Certain Bad Wire
36456 417CIRVF Read from Measurement File Does Not Return Correct t0 When Reading TDM File in Segments
36690 3YIF3700 Hidden terminals can be wired
36901 49OA9PMQ Simple VI has very ugly wiring for no apparent reason
36902 49OAAU5M "Save for previous" errors
37022 4A4FEQFN Users can't make floaters w/o title bars on Mac OS
37175 4577J9N8 Errors with class with fixed sized array in private data
37448 44CEN7MQ Import Shared Library wizard cannot recognize multiple function declarations in a row
37555 3L2ESIF2 Inconsistent File Renaming in Write to Measurement File Express VI Config Page
39262 49DBTU00 Complex extended waveforms are not supported through TestStand interface
39579 4A39D300 Add spaces to names with initial caps
39590 4A3AAB00 Feedback node in timed loop with multiple frames can't be replaced with shift register
39691 4AB9K3Q6 Vista UI - Spectral Measurements Express VI Config Dialog
39759 4AEG2HN6 Read From Measurement File: Change Input Title
39792 4AC9QA00 Conflict dialogs behave differently depending on load order
39835 4ALF01Q2 Interesting behavior when having multiple modal dialogs at the same time
39886 4AJET1BT Shift register didn't work as expected
39889 4AKDCA00 Attempting to add a conflicting VI to a library gives a confusing error message.
39894 4AIBG6FC "Select or enter a file path" dialog for shared variable custom data type needs to be localized
40051 4AQ9O4P2 Cancelling a rename on a VI results in a "Save changes before closing?" dialog.
40058 4B1FQ29A Add Frame Before to Timed Loop/Sequence doesn't make the new frame the right size
40063 4AOH3UH7 Internal error in linker.cpp, line 3376
40205 4B5BMTVI Web Publishing Tool - Flicker of front panel when launched
40221 4BAF1CCS Popup menu "Remove from Project" appears on library items not in a project
40384 4BJGL62N VI name and description appear in English in Example Finder when the VI belongs to a lvlib, even if it has been localized.
40639 4C5GD2P2 LabVIEW seems hung when closing a large project.
40689 4C3ELPYU Read Channel Groups (TDMS) example has unnecessary front panel items
40837 4CJA8AN8 For Loop with break outputs fixed sized arrays when autopreallocation is turned on
40975 4CT7JJP2 Performing Rename on a project item does not prompt for check out of callers.
40976 4CT7PGP2 User is not prompted to check out files after conflicts are resolved.
41013 4CS8E7P2 There is no mechanism to find class constants
41079 4CQ8A328 Spectral Measurements Express VI has some cosmetic issues.
41132 4D5AGF7W Default value of the quit? parameter of the Quit LabVIEW VI
41183 4D3GKPXX Write To Measurement File, TDMS, Doesn't Write Description to the File
41347 4DBDQU1W Undo of tile window doesn't untile the diagram
41389 4DHCPE00 LabVIEW crashes on a new "Digital Waveform Graph"
41405 4DE8J75U Auto-populated project folders do not prompt for SCC add when new files appear under them in a project configured for SCC
41521 4DJFJ7G3 Cannot Drag VIs from Project Files View Onto Block Diagram of Another VI
41532 4DK31NIK LVClass - Data Only Operations improvements
41689 4DQFF79A Calls can be unbalanced
41789 4DRIL6WJ TDMS Get Properties returns wrong "found" value
41901 4E7B2OY4 Function does not perform bounds checking
41940 4E34QCE8 Read returns error 4 "End of file encountered" when reading less records than expected
42076 4EBFP4C7 Project Save As does not delete the old .aliases file
42077 4EEBJTN8 Feedback node doesn't flash while stepping through code
42085 4EAG7979 Feedback node lacks label
42159 4EG9ALE1 Checkmark doesn't show when selecting User Defined Refnum Class on Invoke/Property Node
42256 4EMA3H00 Data Binding Properties page does not use Windows system colors
42280 4EMALL00 VI Call Configuration does not use Windows system colors
42589 4F4EP1RM Mac OS - Default name for "New or Existing" file dialog is not honored
42805 4FCK87NT Verify showing a dialog during event handler works - Three-button dialog did not get dismissed
42844 4F8EO867 Example finder shows multiple USB devices in hardware list
42852 4FD2L5LF Front panel grid disappears after running report express VI
43082 4FI9LBJ1 In Project Window, doing find for the .lvclass file always also finds the private data control
43169 4FQ92JQ4 Palette Editor dialog cannot display a full path if it's too long
43596 4G9GGBCE Icon for Close Reference does not match standards
43605 4GD8BAFN Uncheck "Include hardware config" checkbox if user cancels hardware config wizard
43656 4GBA5IDB Wire string to property node fails
43747 4GHFQVNT Comments are placed in a position which bears no meaning after Clean Up
44072 4GJD9GT4 returns an error when reading TDMS files with text channels.
44246 4H6F2O3U Clean Up - Improve weighting
44296 4H79125U Adding parent folder of an auto-populating folder does not remove original child folder.
45107 4HU6LM00 Update property names to match Load VI inputs
45585 4IC7A4Q2 Add Targets and Devices option is not present if there is only a DiscoveryExpert for an item but not a Create New Wizard
45773 4IE8NT2N Import Web Service Authentication - serious cosmetic issues on Vista
45824 4ICDCV2N WebServiceImporter.lvlib:Main Last line does not have enough vertical space.
45999 4ILC1T00 Diagram Cleanup : Selective Cleanup
46064 4IKGK4LX DiagReadExternalLibExports function does not work correctly on Linux
46120 4IIDM000 Check DLL calls for 64-bit safety
46139 4IKH9OXE Unable to "Replace All" Match Regular Expression with any other primitive
46449 2JQ91R6I LabVIEW Hierarchy Window does not show the labels of the VIs for print out
46492 2OHEJRJ1 "Empty Array" doesn't work on some array controls
46563 2V36GNNR Set String Length settings from a typedef are not getting updated
46616 2W3MKAAP Cleanup wire deletes any wires close to 16K pixels long
46624 2VKEISTR "Preallocate array and strings" execution property does not show up in the list of VI execution properties
46894 3699NSJ1 "Source" string for error code clusters generated by Storage VIs are corrupt
46959 37LCFE2Q Allow the user to select the number of recently opened VIs for the recently opened VI list.
47605 3L99R5P2 Opening an invalid file from File>>Recent File does not update recently opened list
47805 3NBCTIJ1 Problems with UI in adding a new Domain ("Domain Properties" dialog)
47818 3NAC1T00 "Add to project" choice not correctly preserved between Save As calls
47892 3NS7LIE4 All labels for controls/indicators created from DataSocket Select have non-transparent background
47907 3NQARC00 Clipboard does not work outside of LV in Linux KDE
47980 3OPCCHKY Tree control in Select Variable UI collapses without user interaction
48076 3PDBNGVI Clean up for a lot of open VI references takes much longer in LV 8.0 than 7.0
48125 3PK8KF00 Add context help to timed structure left and right data nodes
48177 3PRFQ000 InvokeNodeMeth::Traverse does not exist
48195 3Q9DN1ZU Deployment fails for all Variables in a Library if one Variable has a bad binding
48208 3Q9G5MF7 Browser dialog for binding to network variables has just IP's, not names, for RT targets
48216 3Q6FSM7M Recent Files menu doesn't handle multi-byte characters correctly
48229 3Q98ARP2 There is no way to differentiate a This App reference from a regular control reference.
48543 3TOG6U3A Custom Scroll Bar Width Does Not Save
48898 3WCBG3GQ Non-leaf dotted properties return TRUE from IsStrictTypeDefReadOnlyProperty
49086 3XMFS6J1 Saving a VI that uses a variable in an untitled library does not require the library to be saved
49162 3XT91GJ1 Need to prevent "Save As" on a VI when the owning library is locked
49203 3Y19FKN4 Graph Zoom Tool doesn't work right on intensity charts.
49261 3Y8FBFV6 Grid alignment breaks CTRL-drag "make space" feature
49296 3YBD1U1W showSystemVIs=True should affect MRU list
49306 3YDBQQ9Z Need to get rid of unnecessary exceptions in variable validation
49338 3YHFM2J1 DataSocket needs to handle error from UnFlattenTDR
49382 3YM3JDFB Application Builder will not Accept Two Colons in Registry
49395 3YM9AGP2 Mac OS - Warning triangle overlay for missing file is not shown.
49474 3Z5G07UZ Complex waveforms are not supported through TestStand interface
49641 402GRQJ1 The "New>>Override VI" dialog needs to resize horizontally
49674 406NTJL LabVIEW Example Finder incorrectly states an example can be run on an RT target
49867 41BK1KKZ "Use text labels for scale markers" is not visible on slider or knob control property page
49956 41LCJI00 In the Open section of the Getting Started window, there should be a separator between projects and VIs
49974 428AO72N Format Into-Scan From Context help describes wrong VI
49977 428CG92N Example - Output has wrong name on 4 out of 5 cases
49983 423EO4NM "Broken variable" icon has non-transparent background
50037 42H9GUFC examples\Waveform\FileIO.llb\Acquire waveform(simulated).vi: 'Time' is hidden.
50115 42QCJ9P2 Installer build spec Properties>>Registry does not allow selection of REG_SZ after key type is changed to REG_DWORD.
50130 438EL7FC Example VIs IrDA Talk Module Active/Passive: display issue
50137 437A7NG0 VI Hierarchy Settings Are Not Saved to LabVIEW.ini Upon Closing LabVIEW
50141 437EP4ZU Fix for Win64
50144 437F21ZU Most of our PSP clients and servers are relying on pointers being 32-bits wide
50147 4387RDXC Scroll bars not working correctly on Additional Installers page
50177 439AN7FC Example VI Temporary XY Chart diagram help needs to change from string constant to free label
50184 439D4JFC Example VI Multiple Connections - Client 1/2: diagram help strings not tagged for localization.
50186 439DC7FC Example VI Multiple Connections - Server: diagram help needs to be localized
50200 43CFMMFC Example VI High Level Register block diagram help not localized
50282 43TA9E5B ni::dsc::osdep::path::CreateDir does not work on network path
50360 446HO4U4 Ctrl-F functionality incorrect
50435 44JBKEP2 Double-clicking on a class in the Class Hierarchy window doesn't do anything.
50552 45ADKQ07 Express VIs - "DDN" Improvement Needed
50624 45LI8LV6 Extraneous find results from some regular expressions
50778 467712P2 Cosmetic problems with Align and Resample Express VI.
50863 46CAE5ZU Logos does not load on Vista if the services are not running
50940 46K6Q51W Draw issue with event data nodes
50999 4703DU4U App About box in built application is misnamed
51029 46MEQHMQ Hitting enter on the Search Help field should be the same as clicking "Go"
51159 477ER31G Detailed Help link missing in context help window for properties/methods
51211 478DFIV9 It is possible to use key binding to change the value of controls in a disabled tab control page
51221 47GC0EV6 Attempt to open ownee.lvlib that falsely claims membership in owner.lvlib yields duplicate windows
51238 47F7LKBW VI diff tool doesn't recognize difference in LV versions
51264 47MF81N8 proptyp2.cpp line 2901 undoing a change to a VI that results in a type changing from fixed point to waveform
51395 482E0BPW LocalVariableDef has inconsistent use of "ans" and empty string on LHS
51451 47TEK7C3 Path leak
51600 48HIG5JL Vista UI - Shortcut Menu Editor Dialog Box
51604 48O95PPK Dragging Class to Front panel on VI drops Path control
51629 48NDNC5L Get File Size: Double-click from palette search takes you to wrong VI
51633 48C8DQGQ Zip pages go to generic Zip Properties topic
51724 48BGQJFC Vista UI - Select Contents to copy dialog
51728 48HHB5JL VISTA UI - MENU Editor Dialog Box
51772 4908AQ00 Create new R Series project "Select an FPGA target" dialog doesn't move forward when I double-click on a target
51876 49LE8U00 Add new RTE upgrade code, update save/load previous for Installer Builder
51963 49FBJLOZ TestStand changes ActiveX reference when passed to LV code module
52077 4A58STN8 Flavor property of ring constant returns an error
52082 49UDNRQ6 Default value for ActiveX Server Name Control is lost in LV Chinese
52089 4A0EOJN8 Properties right click option grayed out for VI in project in a locked library
52121 4A0F660C Should Fixed-Point conversions on NaN mirror Integer conversions?
52131 4A3DN400 In-memory callers will silently patch to new VIs saved with name of missing callees
52145 4AAFOU2N Application name in title bar is still in English
52157 4AAFUK2N String still in English
52167 4AAG422N Domain Account Manager - not enough space for domain name
52182 4AD8SMD8 GetElement method returns the wrong kind
52185 4A7AG9OZ Shared Variable Provider - Add context help support
52203 4AAF552N Domain Account Manager About window: Needs more space for French text to fit
52217 4AAFAC2N Domain properties window: Active list option not easy to understand
52223 4ADAOQ00 Array memory sometimes not updated
52236 4AAFF02N Domain Account Manager - Titles of error dialogs are in English
52246 4AB9K028 Error 8 should be more user-friendly when rebuilding a LV-built DLL that is currently loaded in memory
52296 4AHFTJMQ Format fail on Mac OS and Linux
52386 4AQD1828 In Installer property dialog, the company URL should be empty as a default
52442 4ASFNG9A Issues when opening a project and a library/XControl has moved
52506 4B59HQH7 Throwing out VIs which still have clones
52531 4B8FT5F3 Use machine epsilon or make modification of the APIs in Limit Testing
52537 4BAEC7P2 Usability issues with Merge dialog.
52540 4B8CL200 Wrong behavior when loading project where library was renamed but only some refers were saved
52544 4BB872FC "Processor" setting appears twice on timed loop.
52555 4BB89OVI Update the build process so LABVIEW_PLAT_DIR is not needed for make
52609 4BFFD1IO FXP - Adapt to Source menu item popup dialog
52643 4BJCC49A Need to modify the icons for generated VIs slightly
52665 4BGFRA00 Internal error with "Replace with…"
52679 4BQEM52N VIs configuration dialog prevents the opening of Express Example VI
52701 4BOCAQN8 Fixed-point type doesn't work with DataSocket
52737 4BMGG2MX SystemVIs don't appear under dependency node even when ShowSystemVIs=TRUE
52742 4BTDK32J MathScript 'filter' error
52809 4CCBRNWU Change text on button in LabVIEW Icon Editor
52841 4CM8QFFK lvanlys.dll causes errors on RT system
52932 4D9FSA9Z Cross context links for target relative variables
52964 4DHA9IWX Missing LabVIEW classes prevent operations - some VIs in the test do not search for both the missing class files
52999 4DPDC2P2 LabVIEW crash when adding a class-owned-by-another-library to a project if it is already open in another application instance
53095 4E9E34NT Creating Loading and Saving Projects (Classic Mode)
53134 4ELC1JJ1 Class private data controls appear under "typedefs" to find in the Find dialog
53219 4F57LL1W InstanceInfo Poly VI property can't be written for a poly VI with no instances
53233 4FD7867K Warning not passed through Transition correctly
53516 4H29CU7F Change "menu" to "palette" on Select Menu From Project Library File dialog
53570 4H6G4E3U Branch wires not assigned the same slot
53722 4HOEJ71W Network variable creation fails
53771 4I679ON8 can't drag class from Dependencies to My Computer when it's locked
53982 4IH8Q8PW Can't drop cosecant primitives
54315 45NB37VI VIServer CliEstablishConnection ignores timeout when writing and reading data
54419 4ADHKC00 Attempting to open VI with a missing library that is also in conflict launches four confusing dialogs, and ends up cross-linked
54439 4AL9MEVI Memory Leak
54456 4BCF4LF2 Erroneous File Not Found Error When Searching for SubVIs
54942 41CE6I39 Storage VIs do not recognize DIAdem date/time channels
55067 4AE7ND5I Call Library function node config can break VI
55091 4APC8Q7U Project:Projects[] Property is available but not useful in the run-time engine
55099 4AQGI900 Method Remove Frame on event structure crashes LabVIEW
55116 4B8D7JJ1 "type" input on Variant To Data should be a required input
55164 4C9ATMBD Opening Data crashes LabVIEW
55167 4C9CG7BD LabVIEW Hang
55176 4CH2LNGI Cannot build DLL if using Numeric- FXP.
55592 4ID8I43Z Changing the Call Library Node config for loading library from diagram can cause the label shown for the node to get out of sync
56459 3UC9HJNM Save All causes VIs with variables to become dirty
56621 3XBBMV00 Description for Shared Variables
56755 3ZGGQ1JK DIAdem Report Express Block does not always recognize a VBScript Report Layout file
56840 40S96D00 local variable label is blanked out after undoing a delete
56888 41R9CMWJ DIAdem Report Express VI loses DIAdem scripts/layouts in built applications
57353 4847SAFN VistaUI - Debug Application or Shared Library Dialog Box
57413 48K9ALPJ Numeric Controls Do Not Auto Scroll
57422 48PC4IC3 Deploying the Dynamic Dispatch example when it's in another context crashes
57437 48BEEDGQ String Constant: Properties isn't the bottom popup item, as is convention
57456 48O41LXB Draw text at doesn't work properly at text property clockwise/counterclockwise
57471 498E71C3 New VI for Override fails on RT
57530 49EC55AP Selection rectangle scrolling does not work correctly on the diagram
57630 4A8D6I00 Shared library wizard: Not all text changed from "Predefined Symbols" to "Preprocessor Definitions"
57649 4AAF38VI Double-clicking a static VI reference of running VI should open the front panel of that VI
57680 4AKC6OJ1 Ctrl+drag from one VI to another VI needs to shift window focus to the other VI
57696 4AH9N7K8 Custom Data in Tree Controls - Must Enable Drag/Drop Outside of Control Property to Drag/Drop At All
57765 4AQF0B7C Using Defer Panel Updates with String Control Property Node Updates Value
57768 4AP97OAP System spin control clips labels even when increment/decrement buttons not shown
57867 4B5EL31W String copy artifact dragging VI icon to string control on another VI
57923 4BFDE9X0 Parameter for Start Drag method of control is not localized
57955 4BSDD700 Call by reference node allows array of references as input
57980 4BTBMMZU nitaglv needs to return a warning
58057 4C1AOTKU tagsrv crashes when deleting processes with restricted characters
58311 4D3E35F7 Some LogosXT threads don't have useful names on VxWorks
58396 4DGA8EEE Corrupted front panel object (gauge) in LabVIEW 8.5
58470 4DP814GQ Favor the face name over the character set.
58474 4DKCMK00 Dropping invalid style object crashes LabVIEW
58561 4E4C2TN4 String: Word-wrap property set not backed up properly
59086 4FR9UN9Z Better error code when setting Shared Variable property when VI is not in project
59129 4G57PEK7 Animated Gif only works if the other Gif is visible
59159 4G30ABEX Boolean Button Cannot include a data type in Ctl Refnum
59216 4GCFATGI The StaticMemberVIs functions cannot work
59355 4GHG47P2 Numeric property pages should open to a useful tab
59410 4GG4AF8H Clean Up - Polymorphic VIs the gap between the two VIs is not taking into account selector caption
59435 4GJ9AS00 Moving Highlighted Boolean
60542 4IHHJJC3 Saving Library VIs with password
61139 3OUG6BM9 Square root of units with odd powers gives the wrong answer
62340 45NHQRR2 Wrong dialog behavior for Storage VIs 'Set Properties' and 'Get Properties'
63934 4AM9E76I Warning - Component flexdata not being found
71073 4FQD3LBK Modal windows assimilated (into MAX)
88052 37LF6SN8 opening the owner of a subVI can change the name of the subVI
89358 3PM8RGC3 Incorrect Linkage to Variable after a Save As
89506 3QODJAP2 "Overwrite" input on Easy Report VI does not work for RSL option.
89535 3QPD9EUK VIAn Easy missing some Context Help
89558 3R3ETMN8 trailing space lets you open up the same VI twice in the same context
90624 3ZDCII00 Icon Editor for Build files in project behaves wrong for write protected files
91279 454DHIF2 Non-32x32 SubVI Icons Needs Tweaking
91845 48F8KN00 Investigate Internal Error panel
92165 4AEAA600 Load and retain static CallByRefNode that creates recursive reservation will never unreserve.
92259 4AKCLCMQ Temporary files for libraries in LLBs not being deleted
92370 4AP9JVJ1 Remove Breakpoints from Hierarchy does not know to search dynamic dispatch VIs
92886 4DJA4TBW VI Analyzer - Default export directory in protected area
93725 - Get Key returns comments as key names
93941 - Add Timestamp to shared variable properties dialog data type ring
94526 - Mac CIN
94664 - XControl Instance Data Copy won't invoke Data Change Event in the
95094 - VI Analyzer Results Tree right-click doesn't work
95098 - VI Analyzer tab order problem on Select VIs page
95338 - Save changes dialog using merge LLB feature
95339 - Default context menu for results table in Merge LLB dialog
95408 - Ellipses use in Project DLL warning not consistent with Microsoft
95626 - Timed While loop crash under LabVIEW
96243 - Replacing XY Graph Changes Data Type of References
96660 - Clean Up- Unnecessary wire crossings
97821 - Static call by reference (i.e. call setup) does not update VI connector pane
97822 - VI with static call by reference (i.e. call setup) loads unbroken but then breaks after a CTRL+run arrow
97871 - LabVIEW Project makes VI Server:FrontPanel:Title incorrect
98243 - Event node overlaps wires on clean up
98790 - Ctrl-Right Click Palette Feature Doesn't Work on Mac OS
98925 - Express VIs from File I/O Storage class can't be placed on the diagram
99055 - Opening an XControl or class inside of an llb fails
99248 - Error 1 at Read Datalog with unwired terminal and a cluster containing a path
99651 - LabVIEW crash in MemoryManager.cpp line 406 with MixedSignalGraph strict Value property
99931 - Unexpected and inconsistent results in random noise generator VIs
100334 - LabVIEW crashes when creating multiplot cursor mixed signal graph
100954 - Undo/Redo problems with Conditional Disabled Structure
101293 - Requested update to one-button dialog error string
101744 - VI hierarchy window does not show up in Windows list when minimized
101986 - Windows x64 License
102275 - Domain Account Manager still contains some English in German
102276 - Error message of Domain Account Manager still contains some English strings in German
102745 - Add VI Server API for I/O Variables
102997 - Irregularity in renaming a Shared variable while using Shared variable 'rename' option
103022 - ActiveX Property Browser cannot be launched
103090 - Struct definition not recognized in Import Shared Library wizard
103290 - Several Tools > Options pages may fail to load
103395 - System Manager cosmetic issue in German on Vista
104071 - VIs do not update after using the multiple variable editor to change variable properties
104651 - "Run executable after installation" fails if executable calls another LabVIEW installer
105191 4709CDDV Improve Crash Detection when Match Regular Expression May Cause Stack Overflow
105467 - Gaussian fit fails if the peak is narrow
105469 - Bad Error Message in Equi-Ripple BandPass
105771 - Equi-Ripple BandPass PtByPt should give error for wrong inputs
105825 - Do not add numbers on the icons of new VIs
105943 - No error if you try to send on a socket which does not yet have a peer socket handle
106042 - Variable alarms with same names will not be detected when editing "Alarming" page
106090 - Custom Control "Open Control" dialog keeps going back to documents and settings folder
106099 - Show error button not working for broken variable project item
106134 - Improve performance of Logos - multiple connections to the same machine
106225 - New 3D Graph properties and methods are not localized
106248 - Unused .mnu files
106377 - Change variable type may cause 2 alarms set to be the same level
106452 - Webservice.ini file
106747 - A cosmetic issue in Import Shared Library dialog
106812 - Creating property that close palette window
107632 - The string, "Distributed System Manager 8.6" in Windows program menu selection should be localized
107665 - Issues with Const ability comment warning against modifying
107703 - Hybrid based express VI moves when you select the already selected icon style
108132 - Block diagram goes out of view after clean up
108182 - Cannot close Class Browser window after you've closed the VI you opened it from
108209 - The "More Product Information" link is not launching the merged help with the Contents tab
108592 - Shared Variable localization issues in the Variable Dialog
108656 - Variable dialog sometimes chooses the data type of the last variable configured
108672 - Replacing outdated Express VI does not give notice
109285 - LabVIEW Help reference leaks
109452 - Error text shown for I/O variables when loaded in the incorrect context are inconsistent
109541 - Read Binary File returns an EOF error when the data type and count are unwired
109607 - Changing Window Behavior From Modal to Floating Causes Block Diagram to Lose Focus
109858 - Login error dialog needs to be localized completely
110023 3YC9T09O Remove breakpoints from hierarchy does not work on locked VIs (or subVIs)
110189 - Clean Up - Case structures need to be at least minimum length
110265 - Import shared dll - one of the summary strings is not localized
110308 - LabVIEW crash using DataSocket with OPC Item with quality "Value bad"
110527 - Create Accessor dialog sometimes creates erroneous accessor VIs
110741 - "Saving Data" Boolean in Write to Measurement File Express VI always reads true
110975 - VI Hierarchy diagram seems to redraw when minimized and maximized
111206 - Clearing out Convert Units function doesn't immediately break VI as it should
111207 - strfind does a regular expression match instead of a substring match
111411 - "Programatically" spelled incorrectly in an example directory
111544 - DSC license issue
111613 - Library Property "Localized Name" should be limited to a single line of input
111797 - If project contains two VIs of the same name, and one is missing, you can't remove the missing one
112124 - Contents of FXP Word length and Integer word length is not localized
112154 - Loading TDMS file can fail if index file is very large
112426 - Import Script does not work for read-only files
112491 - Category section in Option dialog needs a horizontal scroll bar
112510 - Undo window maximization on Linux only resets paint rect, not actual window
112704 - Changing the "Read Lines" setting on Read From Text File does not cause type props
112751 - Build Errors when VI Names are Identical but Capitalized Differently
112753 - Matrix log may return the wrong error code -20068
112781 - "Generate Temporary File" does not return if the input to the "Temporary File Extension" is "..\.."
112872 - Project opens after canceled
113015 - Inconsistent terminal names in Create VI for Data Member Access
113289 - Changes needed for Type context help
113332 - Building an application that has duplicate mnu files that are part of a library result in a broken EXE
113335 - Building a source distribution where two text files go to the same location cause incorrect preview
113525 - "Create Directory" primitive breaks VI and displays unexpected message
113553 - First deployment of VI that references single-process variable fails
113593 - Palette Editor: Right-click menu shows options for synched items even not in sync directory
113793 3YP9C777 IsRunningBuiltAppVIs has incorrect signature
113852 - Call Library Reference Node Hangs
113877 - Hexadecimal, octal, and binary data type should be grayed out in Slide property dialog
113951 - Variable dialog does not allow scaling of integer types
114050 - If you remove the diagram from a caller VI and edit a subVI with the caller still open LabVIEW may crash
114053 - Libraries no longer consistently saved at oldest compatible version
114101 - LastIn-FirstOut problem in Data Viewer for TDM files
114128 - Property page for table lets you set row/columns to 0 and large number in Appearance tab
114274 - Cannot set Value property of DAQmxName class property node when inside strictly typed Cluster
114402 - Subdirectory input on Shortcuts page of Installer Builder allows forward slashes
114973 - Detection of custom I/O name popup menu items not correct for 64-bit.
115350 - Deploy to Target Dialog has overlapping text in German
115395 - RT Target Item creates context incorrectly when RT is not installed
115471 - Can't ctrl-drag a file from an auto-populating folder from one target to another target
115536 - Web service - incorrect values for out of range inputs
115613 - Project.cpp line 490
115773 - LabVIEW Class indicator on Front Panel does not align with error cluster if created from template
115821 - Error Number and VI Path Are Switched Around in VI Analyzer Results
115897 - Cannot fix missing parent class by changing to inherit from LabVIEW Object
116164 - Wrong behavior of "Label Offset" in cursor list of graphs when using scale multiplier
116222 - The total system memory reported by the NI System State publisher changes on reboot
116277 - When the shared variable dialog is launched from Sysman, it's not localized
116389 - Changing Protection property of password protected library does not prompt to check out of SCC
116395 - Poor feedback when trying to open a VI that is missing its front panel
116421 - Conflict text for "cycle detected" needs to be localized
116443 - Example Finder should recognize up/down arrows
116461 - Incorrect error on first read of network-published variable with timeout of zero
116486 - Ability to sort discovered devices in the Add Targets and Devices dialog is broken
116491 - Access control of German Variable dialog is not localized
116537 - Web Server with Web Services cannot be restarted on Korean Vista
116655 - [from beta] Right Click Menu for Report Generation
116690 - numerics display format for very small numbers
117040 - Things behave weirdly if user saves an untitled variable library while VI is running
117285 - Disconnected typedefs lose default values
117383 - Invalid references after writing String[] property of enum in a typedef
117395 - LabVIEW crashes when you hit CTRL-I on a probe
117448 - Polymorphic VIs Incorrectly Identify an I64 Input as I16
117468 - Unable to place ".NET Object to Variant" out of the LV Help into the Block Diagram
117550 - Modal Class Browser shows available methods instead of constructors when linked to a .NET constructor
117557 - Cannot Edit I/O Alias Properties after deleting the bound I/O Variable
117574 - "Use the default LabVIEW icon file" checkbox is unchecked when custom icon is missing
117575 - Text on "Build Targets" is cut off on Vista
117661 - 'File Information' Dialog is abortable in German LabVIEW
118166 - Merge LLBs Dialog is abortable
118252 - Fast Type Prop not properly detecting default case in Case structure
118303 - MathScript Heat Equation VI
118467 - Device tab in the French Example Finder UI has cosmetics issues
118670 - LabVIEW 8.6.0 crash during mass compile
118706 - Dynamic VIs are not sortable in the Create Override VI dialog
119438 - SubVI configuration option "Show FP When Called" does not work for dynamic dispatch subVIs
119645 - LabVIEW may crash when profiler is started: profvi.cpp line 3754
119667 - Find Missing Items should refresh the project after it completes
119684 - Crash when select "Select Method..." or "Select Method > Browse..."
119962 - Doing find for "LabVIEW Object" crashes LabVIEW
120180 - No files are installed when Installer source file is an LLB from source distribution
120330 - Variable config dialog has a translation issue
120633 - Some National Instruments VIs in LLBs contain invalid characters
120663 - Web Publishing Tool may freeze after selecting VI to publish
120697 - LabVIEW error DNLinker.cpp line 262
120792 - Example VI saved with LabVIEW 7.1 crashes LabVIEW 8.6 - Digital Graph
120864 - Append VI List of SubVIs to Report does not include Express VI Configuration Information by default
120912 - Open/Close refcount bad for RefnumTag
121010 - Report type input of New has been made Required without mutation code
121437 - Context help window not updated when selecting feedback node
121449 - Run-time error calling TDMS Get Properties with empty group/channel and invalid file reference
121568 - Deploy EtherCAT will fail if local modules are deployed and NI-RIO IO scan is uninstalled
121740 - Default palette express mode should be Category (Icon + Text) format
121992 - FXP wiring issues
122017 - The Complex fails when the input is INT32 etc.
122036 - Polynomial Roots VI does not return error for polynomial with trailing NaNs
122197 - Vertical rotated text turns blue on Mac OS
122264 - "Select a VI..." behaves incorrectly
122394 - VI server and invoke node for front panel , the run arrow and error list are not correct
122607 - Need to add a "cross product" function
122644 - Front panel and block diagram images are incorrect for VIs with the same name when inside nested libraries
122947 - Web Services Examples Do Not Instruct Users to Enable Web Services
122998 - Root Finder have different results on Mac (Intel based)
123169 - Need more visibility for how to use context help window
123223 - Operate»Data logging doesn't work for FXP types
123653 - Class is broken because of a missing member VI
123757 - Wrong behavior of tree control with event "edit cell?"
123792 - MathScript: Strange behavior from phasedelay
123847 - VIs called from TestStand should be able to parallelize their diagram
124068 - Incorrect SubVI Path Capitalization
124111 - Project window doesn't display classes after opening library that contains them
124113 - SubPanel Open Block Diagram option does nothing when VI in SubPanel is running
124118 - Can't resize legend area of a mixed signal graph having multiple plot areas
124214 - Save As»Duplicate Contents with Dependencies error with LabVIEW 8.6 project
124464 - Quick Drop Does Not Work on the Front Panel of Template VIs
124550 - Shift-Right Click to Bring Up Tools Palette Only Works in Empty Space in LabVIEW 8.6
124625 - Shared Variable crash on loading customized control with LabVIEW class object
124807 - "deconv" command sometimes gives wrong size output in MathScript node and window
125429 - Palettes - Measurement & Waveform Analysis
125433 - The translation for Alias should be corrected in Alias Manager dialog.
125477 - SScanF does not work correctly
125491 - The Context Help for Feedback Node inside While Loop does not appear.
125492 - Detailed Help for Feedback Node opens the default LabVIEW help page
125494 - Mixed Signal Graph Plot Legend unexpected behavior after Clear Graph
125579 - LabVIEW 8.6 error log file: SharedVariableNode.cpp line 2032
125584 - Easy Text Report VI: Update parameter name
125643 - Config file VIs write over VIs and other non INI files
125690 - SaveInstrument method help - more description needed for Save A Copy parameter
125751 - Diagram cleanup fails on VI
125756 - LabVIEW crashes on client when File ->VI Property on remote panel window is accessed
126016 - Visa Control and Indicator Broken Wire When Upgrade from 8.5.1 to 8.6
126170 - Diagram CleanUp Crash
126356 - Conditional Disable Structure is not being properly revaluated when VI is loaded into AppLibs context
126478 - Error popup when trying to compare revisions of VIs in libraries
126507 - Crash when clean up on a VI with a broken wire without source and destination is inside a diagram disable
126512 - MathScript function 'blkdiag' produce incorrect result when the inputs are not square matrix.
126685 - VI diff tool does not catch VI documentation differences
126759 - CleanupProcPtr does not include the calling convention in its declaration
126796 - "Replace" menu item not available for shared variables
126831 - Prompt User For Input Express VI will not appear in front of Modal Front Panel
126872 - Should Not Mass Compile VIs in an RTEXE
127027 - LabVIEW 8.6 crash in compiler.cpp line 1253 after moving feedback node
127053 - VI-Server LVLibrary.Open returns an erroneous reference when asked for a class already loaded in another context
127093 - Bug in the MathScript function condeig.
127281 - Loop array indexing incorrect behavior
127332 - "Call Internal Cmd" method with "GetTestList" and "RunTests" Fails
127353 3HBCCCLY TestStand Interface should provide an error when VI it's running aborts
127424 - MathScript contourf draws unnecessary line fragments
127625 - LabVIEW 8.6 crashes on exit when Call Setup is set to "Load and Retain" from within a provider VI
127706 - MathScript colormap does not work on 3D plot
127774 - "Save for previous" method crashes LabVIEW if an empty string constant is wired to the Version terminal.
127779 - Mixed Signal Graph x-axis resizes improperly then disappears after running twice
127865 - LabVIEW may crash or hang when running a VI that instantiates an ATL server
128037 - Waveform FIFO crashes LabVIEW if number of Waveform Data Points is 0
128064 - Sound VIs will hang when playing music after clicking "stop" button on Mac and Linux
128137 - Control terminal hide behind a Flat frame if "Move Controls to left of containing diagram" is selected
128202 - Call by ref node doesn't update after changing connector pane of strict VI reference
128271 - MathScript 'find' function doesn't support some syntaxes
128407 - TestStand UI Built in LabVIEW Freezes When Moving Splitter Bars While a Sequence is Executing
128495 - TypeProp bug in LabVIEW 8.6
128523 - "Recently Used Files" menu should ignore the underscore naming convention of LabVIEW
128542 - TDMSFileWrite function did not catch exception thrown by GetFileIdFromRefnum which crashed LabVIEW.
128574 - Buffer reuse wrong
128652 - Undo after setting a recursive class VI to subroutine priority crashes LabVIEW
128700 - Performance bug in LabVIEW Advanced Analysis Library
128859 - 2D convolution has memory leakage when set "size" to "size X"
128891 - Changing LabVIEW class icon doesn't prompt user to apply changes to all VIs in class unless there is a direct child
128965 - Mixed Signal Graph X-Axis Resize and Multiple Plot Divider Expands
128985 - New example needed for Chirp Z transform
129072 - Web services is not enabled with evaluation license
129073 - Web services palettes should be available with evaluation license
129374 - Misspelling in summary of Array Handle in Call DLL example
129514 - Feedback Node error message
130186 - Error -1950678965 occurred at Shared Variable
130213 - Need Errors on 64-bit
130249 - LabVIEW strings may not be returned to TestStand safely
130306 - Coercion menu incomplete for numeric control increment
130314 - Writing then Reading String from Binary File Yields Error 115
130321 - Wiring to a sequence local doesn't cause PropTypes
130388 - MathScript Strange plot behavior from function 'title'.
130398 - The MathScript function fir2 should use the frequency sampling method to design filter.
130399 - Strange behavior in MathScript function 'remezord'.
130401 - Use continuous integral as the target function in MathScript function 'firls'.
130479 - Save corrupting VIs
130586 - Project "Find" gives different results depending on unsaved changes
130628 - Format Parameters for Format String and Build Text needs to match
130778 - LabVIEW 8.2 VI in LLB may crash LabVIEW 8.6
130876 - crash in XCtlVICallMsg::ClearMsgs()
130881 - [LabVIEW Class] LabVIEW crashes when stopping mass compile dialog.
130995 - MathScript - draw contour line is slow
131110 - Open Data Storage format is reset to tdms once the config dialog is closed
131123 - MathScript Reshape with empty matrix dimension does not work
131139 - MathScript - Different behavior of 'ellipsoid' between help and execution.
131169 - Silent failure trying to drop a VI if its version is too old to load
131173 - Reading (read-only) TDMS files with no index file via a read-only file share does not work
131230 - Case Structure "GetFrameIndex" Method Crashes LabVIEW if the output is unwired
131286 - [TestStand] Set Path crashes LabVIEW when passed for a VI that is in a library.
131298 - MathScript function 'del2' produces incorrect result at the edge of the rectangle.
131364 - Event structure breaks VI, but no error listed
131499 - Strange behavior of "Bundle by Name" Function when used with Shift Registers
131671 - Linux SUSE 11 - LabVIEW crashes with fontmgr.cpp, line 1332 when loading project that has files that use XControls.
131858 - Re-create Port Property Node to set server port at run-time
131950 - LabVIEW crashes when run VI with empty array fed to auto-index terminal wired to multiple element shift register
131998 - VI with many Cases Crashes Diagram Cleanup Tool
132161 - MathScript imwrite produces incorrect results
132204 - Need Product Locators for Features
132235 - Storage API errors when writing strings to TDMS, possible crash
132432 - 3D Graph Changes from Perspective to Orthographic Mode
132437 - The Property "Metrics.Advanced" of VI Class gives out wrong values when a VI contains Express VIs.
132827 - [Storage VIs] Write Data terminal 'append/replace' doesn't work
132927 - IndexMode Property on LoopTunnel Class Returning Incorrect Value
133034 - 5 BD Heap error when copying feedback nodes in LV 8.6
133035 - Execution Time of Traverse Method Increases Greatly When Large Project Is Open
133405 - Upgrading older LabVIEW files with unit conversion nodes from 7.0 to 8.6
133470 - Comparing two Event Registration Refnums controls with an Equal? function will crash LabVIEW
133796 - Web Services Sessions do not appear to time out
133881 - VI Hierarchy Not Displaying All Dependencies
133965 - Context help is not updated when using keyboard to navigate project explorer.
134006 - Memory leak with analog waveform datatype
134129 - In Place Element Structure configured for taking in a variant of an array will be broken
134147 - Cluster of Refnum Type Defined Crashes Executable
134294 - Support for XPath queries on XML data needed
134312 - LabVIEW Comparison Misses Change
134457 - Crash when hovering over broken wire segment after moving it
134562 - LabVIEW may crash when clean up is called on extremely large VIs
134607 - Improper Addition and Subtraction when I32 2D arrays are coerced to work with I64 2D Arrays
134636 - Need an active mark on I/O name control VIs.
134712 - Clean Up crash
134733 - Installing certain dlls to "nishared" directory causes warnings while saving
134840 - LabVIEW 8.6 throws Runtime Error after closing VI programmatically - Front Panel Close
134884 - .NET callback call is broken when datatype is a double
134974 - LabVIEW Crashes on right clicking on particular broken wires
135017 - Project that calls .NET dll requires saving the VI before building an application if the project file has moved
135278 - Documentation not clear on canceling a wire
135318 - VI Metrics may give incorrect values for "diag width (pixels)" and "diag height (pixels)"
135601 - Deconvolution does not work with Square waves
135646 - Cancel operation in Read Measurement File VI reports an error which is confusing
135928 - Get File Size, when file not found, populates indicator with size from last file that was found
135982 - Creating SubVI from Feedback Node (with initializer term moved to Loop), errors and crashes
136536 - LabVIEW hangs if you create the ZIP preview without selecting zip directory name
137093 - Enabling 'show constant folding' causes the code to execute differently
137536 - Nonexistent hostname crashes LabVIEW with TCP/IP VIs
137551 - Digital Graph cursors show index 0's Y value if there is no waveform transition data
137557 - LabVIEW 8.6 project using certain .NET assemblies opens with dirty dot
137726 - Front panel window of VI freezes
137765 - LabVIEW crashes if you right-click and replace a fixed constant with the context help window open
137929 - Building an installer which includes an LLB Source Distribution with a data folder fails
138025 - Mean does not return correct value for values close to inf
138098 - Old errors not needed
138429 - Saving VI with Same Name in Same Class to a Different Location Crashes LabVIEW 8.6
138483 - Compile error with single cluster of classes as both inputs to comparison primitives
138583 - Fixed-point Data with TDMS Write VI Should Give Error Before Run Time
138606 - Constrained Fitting VIs require different Y length when different input is fed.
138670 - Voronoi does not display edges to infinity
138837 - Font used for LabVIEW Platform DVD autorun has a comma that looks like a period on Vista
138854 - There is no way to find the qualified name of a missing Typedef
138871 - Needs a duplicate Tree reference output
138958 - XControls window size affects load on processor
139203 - Additional Installer list in the installer property has a cosmetic issue
139239 - The Read lvm/tdm Express VIs Error on French OS
139324 - Dynamic dispatch and Call by Ref outputs are erroneously zero
139477 - Changing the FP.State of a maximized modal VI can make it act non-modal
140555 - No limits to scrolling ranges on panes that have a vertical scrolling bar
140968 - Time Loop Hang
142062 - Source Name for Timed Loop not handled correctly
142147 - LVLIB does not show LVOOP classes when added to a new project
142467 - "Attributes" Property node in XML Parser»XML_Node»XML_Node missing in German LabVIEW
142849 - Hidden tab when upgrading causes crash
143228 - Image on Search and Replace Pattern VI Shows Incorrect Pattern Matching
143238 - Hidden Label of SubVI blocks the Double Click action to open SubVI
143252 - UpdateTerms from OnLabelChange does not cause TypeProp
143288 - Add Exclusion Folder to Recursive File
143661 - Boolean values return from TestStand may not match the values display on the controls
143952 - Trace File I/O Error
143998 - Incorrect Japanese Translation of example VI "Advanced Serial Write and"
144377 - Adding hyperlinks to auto populating folders does not save with project
144542 - lv86runtime.msi installs file 'labview_rt.xml' in a wrong directory
144985 - Active Window Loses Focus When a VI is Aborted
145538 - New VI for Data Member Access fails when creating multiple accessors
145795 - Handle binding access type properly
145926 - Peak "width" is not coerced
146503 - Under specific conditions, an auto-indexed array of clusters in a For Loop will crash LabVIEW upon saving
146613 - LabVIEW Web Services needs a good description for Installer Builder
146614 - NI DataSocket needs a good description for Installer Builder
146616 - NI LabVIEW Web Services Runtime needs a good description for Installer Builder
146617 - NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine Web Server needs a good description for Installer Builder
146619 - NI LabVIEW Web Server needs a good description for Installer Builder
146620 - NI Light Weight PSP Control Environment needs a good description for Installer Builder
146622 - NI Trace Engine needs a good description for Installer Builder
146623 - NI Variable Engine needs a good description for Installer Builder
146681 - MathScript: besseli returns an incorrect result when scaled
146682 - MathScript: detrend returns an incorrect result with input break specified
146924 - (Error code -21) During Installer build in LV 8.6.1
146978 - Project provider toolbar button PNG image transparency is handled incorrectly
147544 - Saving .lvclass files for previous version sometimes results in a corrupted file in LabVIEW 8.6 and 8.5
147591 - System Diagram needs a change for LabVIEW 2009
147841 - DLL build specification "Include additional header files" setting is not saved
148096 - Ctrl+X then Ctrl+V the XControl will lose the inner "State"
148348 - Users can disable "IOV publish" in IOV Multiple Variable Editor
148676 - Problems with tag refnums in application builder
148907 - Error code ignored by invoke node of a refnumtag
149172 - Set URL description for code signing for build scripts converted from LV 7.x
149213 - Double click on dynamic dispatch VI sends double click to 'Choose Implementation' window, opens sibling
149402 3Y6BOD6A Installer Builder appears to have built the installer after Cancel button pressed
149880 - Diagram Disable Undo causes comment.cpp 597
150243 - LabVIEW crashes while deploying libraries: RTProjectManager.cpp, line 85
150863 - First network read of an I/O Variable sometimes returns zero/no known value
151370 - Translation of event structure used at XControl Facade VI
151372 - Inappropriate translation at XControl function
151813 - Session close not being called when expected
152223 - Additional installer of runtime 8.5.1 cannot be selected in 8.6.1 installer build specification
152703 - Incorrect linking for .rc files or Project not resolving conflicts for .rc files
153209 - Logos Hang
153227 - Tank is not on the "Modern >> Numeric Palette"
153525 - Connector pane terminals default to Required not implemented when creating VI for Data Member Access
154194 - VI With Occurrences and Timed Loops Crashes LabVIEW on Load
154669 - MathScript function ode45
155126 - Performance decrease from LabVIEW 8.2.1 to LabVIEW 8.5.1 or 8.6 - Extra Buffer Allocations in the Functional Global
156498 - Check the inputs refnum to XML properties and methods to ensure they are of expected type
156862 - Changes to Default Directory in Paths options aren't sticking
157007 - Variable performance
157229 - String controls used with Format Into String yields error 85 when input into Scan from String
157867 - Document Vista support pages for Application Builder
158510 - DataSocket crash
159108 - Simple Temp shipping example errors when run
159124 - Source distributions with Report Generation express VI fails to build on non-Windows platforms
159232 - Wait on Notification from Multiple returns incorrect reference
160343 - Add Shortcut to bring Project Window to Front
160395 - Configure Fixed Point page shouldn't let users set the "Include overflow status" flag
160427 - LabVIEW sometimes increases memory consumption when continuously running VIs which call XML parser APIs
160751 - Variant To Data primitive returns the wrong error code for void variant
161299 - Build of EXE fails at runtime for Typedef refnum tag
161496 - Trigger Detection VI bug
161873 - LLB Manager doesn't handle Vista Junctions well
162202 - Acquire Semaphore VI doesn't pass the "error in"
162390 - Constant-folded structure prevents MATLAB script node from executing
163182 - Cannot reopen a Digital Waveform Graph after Save for Previous
163678 - VI Crashes When Displaying Variants With Null Attributes
163744 - Crash when changing an enum to a sparse ring
163881 - Name control syntax checking errors showing for VI Defined FIFOs if VI broken for other reasons
164715 - VI Execution trace events are not being recorded in built-applications
166764 - Improper path to string conversion in Report Generation

Glossary of Terms


  • Bug ID - When an issue is reported to NI, you may be given this ID or find it on  You may also find IDs posted by NI on the discussion forums or in KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Legacy ID – An older issue ID that refers to the same issue.  You may instead find this issue ID in older known issues documents.
  • Description - A few sentences which describe the problem. The brief description given does not necessarily describe the problem in full detail.
  • Workaround - Possible ways to work around the problem.
  • Reported Version - The earliest version in which the issue was reported.
  • Resolved Version - Version in which the issue was resolved or was no longer applicable. "N/A" indicates that the issue has not been resolved.
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