Acquire Data and Control Instruments


Integrate Hardware for Test



Engineers use LabVIEW to automate all of their instruments regardless of vendor or connection. LabVIEW has an extensive driver library and accelerates development with graphical programming when acquiring data.

Key Features for Connecting Instruments

7000+ Instrument Drivers

Get unparalleled instrument connectivity with LabVIEW. Any device is accessible and programmable with drivers that abstract numerous low-level commands into high-level functions.

Open-and-Run Examples

Never start from scratch. LabVIEW includes examples to help users understand the basics and reuse code to complete development faster.

Graphical Programming

Programming in LabVIEW is drag-and-drop. LabVIEW contains all the functions for building a test system quickly, including a user interface and data analysis.

The productivity gains from intuitive graphical programming and integration with hardware helped us complete the project with fewer resources than the software we previously used.

Kurt D. Osborne

Ford Motor Company

LabVIEW for Instrument Control

Build Test Faster

LabVIEW reduces time to first measurement. Available drivers and LabVIEW’s consistent programming structure simplify development.

Customize to Your Needs

LabVIEW gives access to advanced instrument capabilities. Commands are included for low-level operations for features like inter-device synchronization.

Connect to All Your Instruments

LabVIEW is the single tool for all your instruments. Engineers can add numerous devices and communicate between them, eliminating the need to use multiple programs.

Do More with Your Measurements

LabVIEW is built for test and measurement engineers. It includes functions for data visualization, signal processing, connecting to databases, and report creation.