Wi-SUN Measurement Suite

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The Wi-SUN Measurement Suite helps you perform Wireless Smart Utility Network (Wi-SUN) signal generation and measurements.

The Wi-SUN Measurement Suite is a software add-on for LabVIEW and .NET. This add-on provides generation and analysis functions for Wi-SUN IEEE 802.15.4g-compliant signals using PXI Vector Signal Generators, PXI Vector Signal Analyzers, or PXI Vector Signal Transceivers. You can use this add-on to perform demodulation measurements such as EVM, MER, frequency offset, IQ impairments, and more. You also can perform spectral measurements including SEM, TxP, CW frequency offset, and more. The add-on supports demodulation and decoding of physical layer (PHY) and medium access control (MAC) layer payloads bits, and packet error measurements. Payload types supported by the Wi-SUN Measurement Suite include pseudorandom noise (PN) sequences, user-defined bits, test patterns, and from file.

Part Number(s): 787086-35