StarSim Offline

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StarSim Offline provides real-time electrical system simulation tools.

StarSim Offline is a software add-on for LabVIEW. This add-on includes the StarSim Editor for creating system models and the StarSim Model Loader Express VI for converting models into executable code. You can use this add-on to verify LabVIEW or LabVIEW FPGA control code with closed-loop simulation. Additionally, you can deploy StarSim models to NI hardware, such as PXI Controllers or FPGA targets, to perform real-time simulation, or you can perform hardware-in-the-loop testing with StarSim software, like StarSim Real-Time and StarSim FPGA. StarSim Offline supports both Trapezoid and Backward Euler solvers.

Part Number(s): 782798-35