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Smart Scope provides software-based oscilloscope functionality in LabVIEW.

Smart Scope is a software add-on for that helps you capture and analyze multiple events with unintended signals. You can use this add-on to freely configure different types of triggers in each channel group to capture all events on a device-under-test (DUT). Additionally, Smart Scope supports saving all event data such as event time, group info and the raw data in a single time domain. You can analyze the data saved by the Smart Scope Viewer using trigger position, cursor display, and general measurements such as min/Max, RMS, peak-to-peak, and rising/falling time. With this add-on, you can troubleshoot abnormal operation with high channel density, perform quality validation of mixed-signal DUTs such as power management integrated circuits (PMICs) or a system on a chip (SoC), and more.

Part Number(s): 789396-35 | 789395-35 | 789393-35 | 789391-35 | 789392-35 | 789394-35 | 789406-35 | 789402-35 | 789405-35 | 789403-35 | 789404-35 | 789398-35 | 789400-35 | 789399-35 | 789397-35 | 789401-35

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