eHSx64 Real-Time Power Electronics Solver

Opal-RT Technologies, Inc.

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The eHSx64 Real-Time Power Electronics Solver helps you build hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) power electronics applications using LabVIEW.

The eHSx64 Real-Time Power Electronics Solver is a software add-on for LabVIEW that works with the OP4510 and OP5707 Simulators by OPAL-RT. This add-on is also compatible with most common PXI and CompactRIO chassis, controllers, and modules. You can use this add-on to build firmware using project templates and LabVIEW functions for real-time FPGA targets such as ECUs and controllers found in power electronics applications. The add-on supports 25.6 GFLOPS, one or three eHS cores, 64 inputs and outputs, and 72 switches, as well as a maximum of 168 states and an unlimited number of resistors. The add-on features loss compensation algorithm (LCA) compatibility. Additionally, you can use this add-on with the FPGA-Based Power Electronics SDK for LabVIEW software add-on to customize your FPGA bitstream configuration.

Part Number(s): 787379-35

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