LossLess Data Compression

Olymp Engineering, LLC

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LossLess Data Compression supports lossless signal compression and decompression.

LossLess Data Compression is a software add-on that provides a class of data compression algorithms for the LabVIEW FPGA Module. You can use this add-on to reconstruct the exact original data from compressed data for transmission and data storage. The add-on supports a maximum throughput of 200 MB/s, and maximum compression of 30%, depending on signal type and bandwidth. Additionally, the add-on features I16 input data type, an output data type of 2 x U8, and a memory depth of 256 samples. The algorithm has zero delay, which means that every input data point always has an output data point. LossLess Data Compression fuses a modified LZ78 compression method.

Part Number(s): 784988-35

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