Rlogger for sbRIO

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Rlogger for sbRIO helps you perform data acquisition, logging, and control with a CompactRIO Single-Board Controller.

Rlogger for sbRIO is a software add-on for LabVIEW that provides a data logging and control system for sbRIO-9627 and sbRIO-9637 CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers. You can use this add-on to create virtual channels, triggers, and alarms. You can selectively log only required data using triggers, and control analog outputs using closed-loop control. The add-on supports alarm-based data logging in the Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) file format and real-time representation of data on graphs or numerics. The add-on also features waveform generation on FPGAs. Rlogger for sbRIO is available in two versions: Standard, which includes all features, and Light, which includes all features except virtual channels and trigger-based control of analog/digital channels and logging.

Part Number(s): 785534-35 | 785533-35

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