Serial Wire Debug Toolkit for LabVIEW

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The Serial Wire Debug Toolkit for LabVIEW helps you implement the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) protocol in LabVIEW applications.

The Serial Wire Debug Toolkit for LabVIEW is a software add-on that uses an ARM standard bidirectional wire protocol to pass data to or from the debugger and the target system. You can use this add-on to perform operations on on-chip debug access ports (DAPs) and peripheral-specific access ports. The SWD Toolkit or LabVIEW features an interface to help you debug and trace functionality on processor cores and system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices. With this add-on, you can connect your applications to legacy JTAG devices for additional benefits over a direct JTAG architecture. Additionally, the SWD Toolkit for LabVIEW provides a LabVIEW FPGA library containing drivers for SWD master and slave devices.

Part Number(s): 787673-35